As noted, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins recently did a media call to promote tomorrow's Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV). You can check out some more highlights from the call below:

What is more important to him - Revenge on Triple H or winning the Universal Title:

"You know right now I think they're one in the same. I feel like if I can get my hands on the Universal Championship it'll really drive a thorn into Triple H's side, and hopefully force him out of hiding. If I can't do that, cause Roman is kind of working on that goal, I'm not opposed to calling Triple H out. Let's see if he's got the cojones, if he's the man -- he says he's the man. If he wants to protect his legacy he'll answer me when I come -- to come out and face me like a man and answer for what he did to me."

His favorite Royal Rumble memories:

"Oh man, obviously being able to be in my first Royal Rumble is a huge one for me a couple of years ago. When I was a kid, I loved the Shawn Michaels Rumble when you thought he was eliminated, The Bulldog had won, and then Shawn comes back in to send the Bulldog over the top. That was a huge one for me. I believe the [Hulk] Hogan Rumble win in '91 maybe was pretty awesome for me. Ric Flair winning at number one was pretty cool. The Stone Cold Rumble win, God, literally I could go on and on. There are so many fantastic memories from the Royal Rumble, that's why it's been a staple on the WWE calendar for 20 plus years now."

What it was like to win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania:

"It's crazy, it happened so fast. I just remember standing on top of the stage with the World Championship trying to soak it in and really understand what that moment meant in the grand scheme of things for me and the people closest to me that helped me get to that point. I just remember being surprised of the fireworks going off, you see every Wrestlemania of all time going off with fireworks at the end, but when it happens to you and it happens in a moment like that you almost forget about it. So I remember being on the stage, it almost scared the crap out of me because I forgot fireworks were going to go off. But obviously it was an incredible moment, it's something I'd like to get back to and hopefully the Royal Rumble this year will be the start of that for me."

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