- Above is a video from KHOU 11 where they spoke with Booker T about his aspirations to become Houston's next mayor. "I want the people of Houston to know, I'm one of them." Booker was also asked about what qualifications he has as he starts his path toward election.

"Levity, more than anything, I don't go into this thinking that I know everything. I'm not a politician. In our city, it's law that we can't even feed the homeless. I just feel like, ya know, instead of having a law like that, we should have a law to figure out how we're going to feed the homeless. Over the next three years, you're going to see this is not a publicity stunt. This is real, this is not about me, this is about, like I said, the young people and the city of Houston."

- WWE posted their 25 best Instagram photos of the week. This week includes: Becky Lynch, Petyon Royce, The Miz, Sasha Banks, Triple H, and Lana.

- Hideo Itami has been out of action since October due to a neck injury via a botched spinning powerslam from Riddick Moss. He recently tweeted out this tease:

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