Source: Hannibal TV

Former WCW and TNA ring announcer and WCW talent relations official David Penzer was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV. You can check out some highlights below:

What happened when Kurt Angle hurt him during a TNA segment:

"I'll tell you what was legitimate. The elbow was legitimate, the clothesline I didn't feel, the hitting with the shoes was legitimate, and the Ankle Lock I didn't feel. You can find pictures of me on the internet -- I look like the elephant man. What happened to me that day was I was at a trade show for my other company in Orlando. I only got to TV instead of the production meeting, I got permission from Jeff [Jarrett] to get there an hour before. We didn't have a lot of time to go over what we're going to do. I didn't know until I got there that it was going to be physical, we didn't really have a lot of time to go over it. I think that Kurt -- he said all but so, he was afraid that if he didn't lay the elbow in a little bit good, because I'm not a worker, that I wasn't going to sell it right. I don't think he intended to do what he did. The shoe thing, he was supposed to hit me over the head with the show, but I was supposed to go like that (places arms above head) so it'd only hurt my arms. But he swung wildly so it went over and hit the other side. So I had huge bumps on both sides, but I did get a nice bonus."

His thoughts on Kurt going into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

"Kurt's a great wrestler, Kurt's a great guy, Kurt's beaten his demons. I saw him in TNA when he obviously wasn't -- he was definitely on some stuff. He'll admit to it. I know he had some DUIs. Kurt's a good guy, he turned his life around. He had a hard situation with what happened with Karen and that whole situation and found another women. I think they're on their third child, I wish them nothing but the best. I mean here's a guy who won an Olympic Gold Medal in [freestyle] wrestling with a broken neck. So everybody that's watching this knows that. I think he'd love to do one more match, my personal opinion is they won't let him do it. But we'll see."

What exactly happened with Jeff Jarrett taking Kurt Angle's wife:

"I have no idea. My personal opinion quite frankly, it was a bad situation when it all came out in the open. I think Dixie (Carter) overreacted to it by sending Jeff home and handling it the way she did. I mean we're all adults, yes it was messy. But I think everybody could have figured out a way to deal with it. I know so because they made an angle out of it a year later. So I didn't know until I knew. I showed up at TV one day and Jeff wasn't there, and there was no mention of Jeff. Jeff used to run the production meetings and I said to such and such 'Where's Jeff?' Everyone said 'Don't talk about it.' Finally I heard somebody else talking about it, and I'm like -- as is my history I stayed far away from that. At the time it was a pretty tense situation."

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