Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Erik Elkan for sending in these results from last night's SmackDown live event in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada:

8-man tag team turmoil match for the SmackDown tag team Championship: American Alpha(c) vs. Breezango vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Usos

Breezango were great, they got a lot of good heel heat during the match and worked the crowd well. Breezango eliminated Slater & Rhyno. American Alpha came in to a decent pop and won the crowd over with their exciting moves and eliminated Breezango with their top rope electric chair finisher. In came the Usos to a pretty big pop even though they where working as heels. American Alpha won via pinfall and retain their tag belts.

Simon Gotch (w/ Aiden English) vs. Mojo Rawley

An entertaining match, with English at ringside causing havoc. Mojo gets the pin for the win. After celebrating his win, Mojo ran the ropes like 5 times.

Alexa Bliss & Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth) vs. Naomi & Natalya:

Bliss came out to a good pop and Ellsworth got a lot of cheers when he showed up with Carmella. Nattie got a really big pop being Canadian wrestling royalty. Really good match. Ellsworth interfered and tripped Naomi which got him a huge reaction. When Naomi was going to get the hot tag for Nattie, Natalya said 'Nope!' and left her on her own. At that point the crowd turned on Nattie for turning her back on her partner. Naomi manages to hit her rear view finisher on Alexa for the three count after knocking out Ellsworth and Carmella. Naomi and Natalya are the official winners.

Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto

Kalisto got some decent stuff in. Corbin mocked the crowd with his own 'Lucha!' chants. Corbin won the match with the End of Days.

Curt Hawkins vs. Kalisto

Kalisto was still in the ring selling his beating from Corbin when Curt Hawkins cut a promo and said that he has a match with Kalisto. Kalisto was still selling the injury until the bell rang and got the pin with a roll up.

Bray Wyatt vs. Luke Harper

Bray came out and the crowd was great with the cellphone lights, it was a surreal moment to be a part of. The match almost doesn't even start with all the mind games Bray was doing from turning his back to putting Luke in the Sister Abigail, but before he could hit it, Luke snapped out of it and hit Bray causing the match to start. When Bray was doing his entrance, I was very close to the front row and I yelled out, "Wrestling Jesus save us!" Bray looked at me and smiled, that was an awesome moment. In a very good match, Luke had done about 4 or 5 super kicks to Bray but he kept kicking out. Bray hit Harper with the Sister Abigail to get the pin.

Apollo Crews vs. Dolph Ziggler

A very good match, Dolph was really working the crowd over as a heel from pretending to throw his shirt in the crowd to just throwing it by the ring. This match had it all and really showed how Dolph not only carried the match, but had the crowd invested in it. Dolph hit a super kick to end the match and get the pinfall.

Main Event Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz (w/ Maryse) vs. AJ Styles

AJ came out first and he got the loudest pop of the night once his music hit. The start of the match saw The Miz and AJ double team Ambrose until Miz turned on Styles. The crowd broke into multiple "Maryse" chants. There was a spot in the match I've never seen before where The Miz was over the top rope hitting AJ with shots and Ambrose came from behind, grabbed AJ's legs and in doing so, AJ's head hit The Miz family jewels. The phenomenal headbutt nut buster is what I'm calling it. This match was great, the Miz knocked AJ to the outside of the ring and beat him down. That left Ambrose with a Dirty Deeds to The Miz, who was coming back into the ring via the top rope.

This was my second live event and it was a really good one! Not a single match lacked minus the Corbin match being somewhat of a squash. Other then that, I had a blast!

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