sent us the images below looking at the early favorites to leave WrestleMania 33 with the WWE Universal Championship and the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton is currently the odds-on favorite to leave WrestleMania with the WWE Championship at -175, followed by Bray Wyatt at +137.50, John Cena at +250 and AJ Styles at +350.

Brock Lesnar is a big favorite to leave WrestleMania as the WWE Universal Champion, followed by Goldberg (+150), Kevin Owens (+200) and Finn Balor (+600). Regarding the odds for the Universal Championship, they wrote:

The two favourites to walk out champion may just be a giveaway as to what's to come in the near future, with former UFC World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar the man tipped to stand with his arm raised at the end of the night with short odds of 1/4 (-400.00) making him the serious favourite with the bookmaker Paddy Power. The man he's supposedly going to beat? The legendary Goldberg who holds a 2-0 record against Lesnar in one on one matches and has the accolade of being the man to eliminate The Beast from this year's Royal Rumble.

Both men have already confirmed they will face each other at Wrestlemania, but before that, as reported on Wrestling Inc, Goldberg has a Universal title match with Kevin Owens on March 5th - what he has done to actually deserve such a match is still a bit of a head scratcher to a number of ardent WWE fans though.

Below are the odds for both titles. Just a reminder that a - sign indicates the favorite and the + is indicates the underdog. The number after the plus or minus represents how favored or unfavored they are. Right now a $100 bet on Finn Balor has the potential to win $600 were he to leave WrestleMania with the WWE Universal Championship.

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