Source: Sky Sports

John Cena spoke with Sky Sports just ahead of his appearance at this year's WWE Elimination Chamber. Here are some of the highlights:


"I am far from retiring, I feel like I am at my physical best. I don't think it's any secret to anybody that this is what I love to do the most and I am far from over. [I am so proud that] I am still able to do this after 16 championships and I always say that my greatest match is my next one. A lot of folks in the WWE say that maybe I am past my prime and have lost a step and that creates a giant chip on [my] shoulder. I want to showcase to everyone watching that I am still at my best."

AJ Styles:

"[AJ] has pushed the envelope, spoken his mind and really challenged me. Testament to AJ, I think he is one of, it not the best, Superstars to step in a WWE ring on a nightly basis."

Wrestling at WrestleMania:

"Every WrestleMania is the most important day of the year for every WWE Superstar. It's like a quarterback making it to the Super Bowl. [WrestleMania] meant a lot to me last year as I was told I wasn't supposed to be there and worked my butt off to make it. I am healthy, I feel great and after taking a back seat last year, I just want to perform for the WWE Universe on our biggest day."

John Cena also discussed what it meant when Ric Flair congratulated him on his recent title win. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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