- As noted, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Reby Hardy and Jade are no longer with TNA. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that there could be more departures coming as there have been several other talents who have been asked about locking themselves into new deals. They are looking for talents that are going to commit to them, and are willing to part company with those who won't. Some of the talent that are already locked into deals with TNA include World Champion Bobby Lashley, Moose, EC3, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards and Eli Drake.

- As noted, Reby Hardy appeared on Busted Open yesterday and noted that the Hardys didn't receive their new contracts until last week and that there were things that "were slipped in there as if we wouldn't notice at the last minute." Johnson noted this week that there have reportedly been changes to TNA contracts were talents will now be paid per date as opposed to per episode. So with the four-day set of tapings starting tomorrow, if they taped 3 episodes per day and a wrestler were to work each episode, they would now be paid for 4 days instead of 12 episodes, like they were before.

It was noted that talent in some cases will only be able to work outside bookings if they are approved by the company, and the company would receive 10% of those earnings. There apparently may also be some changes to how royalties are paid.

- Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that former WWE and TNA Producer Bruce Prichard will be returning to Impact Wrestling at this week's television tapings in Orlando. Prichard worked behind-the-scenes for TNA from 2010 through 2013, and appeared on-screen as a judge for Gut Check. The report noted that Prichard will be working in an advisory position, he will also have an on-air role. While it's not known what his on-air role will be, it was noted that the success of his podcast was part of the reason for TNA bringing him back.

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