Matt Hardy On If He Is Talking To WWE About A Return

As seen in the video above, TMZ Sports caught up with "Broken" Matt Hardy and asked if there are talks ongoing with WWE about a return.

"Currently I am able to go anywhere, but I am with the honorable ring, ROH," Hardy said, in-character, before plugging Friday's ROH 15th Anniversary pay-per-view.

Hardy said that "anything is possible" when asked if they would be at WrestleMania on April 2nd. He also said that he has had conversations "with every promoter with every major wrestling organization across the world" when asked if he has had talks with WWE. He said that they signed with ROH when they learned of The Young Bucks contract and asked for double what the Bucks were making.

"I have spoken with people from Meekmahan's show, I have spoken with people from New Japan Wrestling, I have spoken with people in Mexico, I have spoken with people across the globe," Hardy said. "Meekmahan, you are on Vanguard One's radar. We are watching you very, very closely, I have Vanguard One monitoring you 24/7.

"Meekmahan, if you ever try anything shady on my broken brilliance, I would be the first man to DELETE you!"