- As noted, Kane has been dealing with some nagging injuries. Sportskeeda reported that Kane had also requested time off, which was granted, to run for the Knox County mayoral seat in 2018 and to work on his insurance agency, The Jacobs Agency. It was noted that Kane's current WWE deal has a $905,000 downside with first class travel and accommodations, and it is set to expire next year.

Kane made his first televised WWE appearance nearly 22 years ago in June of 1995 as Dr. Isaac Yankem, Jerry Lawler's evil dentist.

- Kurt Angle posted his latest blog on his website, asking if people today are getting lazy and are over reliant on cell phones and fast food.

- Mick Foley posted his latest blog on his Facebook page and asked fans who the next WWE RAW General Manager should be, assuming that he is removed from that role. He wrote:

Things really get rolling on the new season of Holy Foley when WWE Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon - WWE stops by for dinner - and refuses to leave! Join us for a season full of highbrow high jinx only on WWE Network!

OK, none of that is actually happening - a new season or Steph moving in - but I always got a kick out of this photo (taken pre-haircut, in our #McMahonFoleyConnection high-fiving days) and hope that some of you do too. I also think it's indicative of the fun I have had working with Stephanie (although the past few weeks have been a little rocky) and of a friendship spanning 18 years.

Assuming Mrs Foley's baby boy gets the boot sometime in 2017, who would you like to see in the GM role?

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