Baron Corbin On Wanting To "Slam" Conor McGregor, Facing Dean Ambrose, Who's Helped Him The Most

Baron Corbin spoke with 105.3 The Fan before his upcoming match against Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 33. Here are some of the highlights:

Floyd Maywether fighting Conor McGregor:

"I would go with Maywether, I mean, the guy is unprecedented, he has zero losses. And he has an ego, I mean who wouldn't- I have an ego, I like to tell everyone 'I'm the best' and carry myself that way, but I mean nobody has touched Floyd and he has created a legacy and Conor McGregor is a professional at running his mouth. I think, ya know, he's called out a few WWE Superstars, I wouldn't mind taking a crack at Conor McGregor and- he's like 165 pounds, 185 pounds soaking wet. So, I would like to slam him on his head a few times."

Who's helped him the most:

"It's two guys in particular, Norman Smiley, he got his hands on me the day I walked in the door. Started teaching me the fundamentals and teaching me things that I use, but Billy Gunn, that guy has helped me evolve more than anyone. He has helped me create who I am, helped me learn how to carry myself – the way I am – and to influence my thoughts and feelings into what I do."

Going against Dean Ambrose:

"Ya know, Dean I have a little bit of history through the past few weeks and past few PPVs, where he's cost me some big opportunities. So, in my mind I want to walk out Intercontinental [Champion], but I also want to inflict as much pain on Dean Ambrose as I can, I want to punch him in the face, I want him crawling around on the canvas, begging for mercy. There's a great feeling when you look in someone's eyes and they have that 'look of defeat' and that's what I'm looking for and that's my game plan. My game plan is to make him want to quit, make him want to go home, make him wish that he never walked out there and he [would have] just handed me that championship in the back."

Baron Corbin also discussed playing football and the transition to pro wrestling. You can hear the full interview by clicking here.

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Source: 105.3 The Fan