As noted, Sting, Ric Flair and Jim Ross were a part of the WrestleCon Kickoff Q&A. Wrestling Inc. was on hand for the Q&A, Below are some highlights from JR:

* JR said that he was curious to see how the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg match will turn out. He said that he doesn't expect a rematch

* JR would book 1983 Ric Flair to beat John Cena if both were in their prime now. Then he'd book the match again for Cena to "kill him."

* Ross and Sting both said that they think that babyfaces and heels should still exist, and it is easier to book for the "hero vs. villain" narrative than the shades of gray. JR doesn't like the person who cheers for someone who is working his butt off to get booed.

* JR noted that he doesn't like the long monologue promos in the WWE, saying that they feel non-organic and contrived. "Shorten up your dialogue and be more succinct."

* Ric Flair said that if Sting would've gone to WWE before Hulk Hogan, there would've never been a Hogan because Sting would've been so over. JR added that Sting was reliable and very athletic.

* JR said that some millennial-aged wrestlers think that it's better to crash and burn than refine the art of pro wrestling. He sees the product now and thinks a lot of it is "illogical and cuts the cord of emotion."

* JR feels that the peaks and valleys of pro wrestling has been eliminated, and feels that wrestlers would have longer careers if they worked slower. He thinks that many wrestlers just play the role of a wrestler, but don't embody what a wrestler is.

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