How Much Will Hulk Hogan End Up Getting From Gawker Lawsuit?, Hogan On Working With WWE Again

Good Morning America caught up with Hulk Hogan at the opening of his Hogan's Beach Shop store in Orlando, which you can watch here. During the interview, Hogan discussed the $140.1 million judgment that was awarded to him from his lawsuit with Gawker. Hogan had sued the website in 2012 for publishing portions of a sex tape that was recorded without his knowledge. Gawker argued that they were protected by the First Amendment because the video was newsworthy. Gawker ended up declaring bankruptcy, and settled in bankruptcy court to pay Hogan $31 million, only 22% of his original judgment.

"It was never about the money, it was never about winning or losing," Hogan said. "I just wanted that jury to believe me."

Hogan noted that a lot of celebrities have thanked him for the lawsuit. He also said that he had "nothing but love" for Gawker founder Nick Denton, noting that he understood where he was at. Hogan added that he hopes that Denton can rise up from this.

Hogan had no comment about Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, secretly bankrolling his lawsuit against Gawker.

Hogan was also asked about possibly returning to WWE. WWE suspended Hogan in July of 2015 after an audio tape of Hogan making racist remarks from years earlier was leaked.

"If it's meant to be, it's meant to be," Hogan said. "To make peace with the wrestling world, that would be a pretty cool ending. God I'd love to drop that leg on Vince McMahon one last time!"

damien demento contributed to this article.