Dean Ambrose was interviewed by Youtube personality Myles as part of Media Row for WrestleMania weekend.

Myles asked about his last two years as a singles competitor. Ambrose says it's been fun, and that he never expected to be in the role he's in now. He imagined himself being an antagonist. He enjoyed people not liking him. He never thought he'd have so much support behind him. He thinks part of his success is due to being given the opportunity to be himself, whereas a lot of other wrestlers are made to be a big fancy character. He thinks people can relate to him because he's more like a regular person. He also feels he's a part of some fan's families because they watch him every week on TV. He says it's been very rewarding.

He was asked if he usually carries the Intercontinental Title around with him. Ambrose says he keeps it locked up tight because he doesn't want to lose it. He thinks he might lose it on a bus or a plane.

Baron Corbin was brought up, and Ambrose says he's going to chop him down to size at WrestleMania. He called him a big bully who steals peoples lunch money. He's going to show him a bit about the subtle art of hurting people. He jokingly says it will be a wrestling match under Queensberry rules, a match of dignity and class.

The subject of NXT was brought up, and Ambrose says he would like to see Asuka get called up. He was asked if he likes the SmackDown Tag Division. Ambrose claims American Alpha is one of his favorites and that he'll always drop what he's doing to watch them. He thinks they have a bright future. He enjoys The Usos as well.

Dean says he should actually get a partner and go against those guys. Myles closed out the interview by talking about the upcoming SmackDown Live episode, which will be the first time it takes place in the same city as WrestleMania.

To see the interview in its entirety, check out the video above.

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