Source: USA Today

USA Today has a new interview with former WWE star AJ Lee, who was promoting her new book, Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts and Breaking the Rules, which is on sale now at Amazon for $13.21 at this link.

Below are a couple of highlights:

With the title of the book, you embrace labels like crazy. But one label that I know you didn't embrace during your WWE career is diva. Why didn't you like the term and what do you think about the company's decision to use "superstars" for both men and women.

"It was sort of the opposite with the word 'diva.' There was an embracing of something that was not, I think, truthful to everyone that was on the roster. There weren't divas. I think the connotations for that just weren't true to who our girls were. When you enter that world and you say, 'This is just how the business is now, but we will be different. We will show that we have layers.' I actually have the quote in one of my speeches that I wanted to redefine the term 'diva.' You can call me that, but it's going to mean something new. I think my generation definitely did that and I'm really proud of that. To know that the girls after me have kind of taken that ball and run with it and are evolving, it warms my heart. There's nothing else I could have wanted more for the future than for it to be so redefined that the word was abolished."

It's been well-documented that your husband's release papers from WWE arrived on your wedding day. The company has apologized for that timing. We've heard him talk about, but it was your wedding day too.

"Right now there is ongoing litigation so I actually can't talk about that. I'm sorry."

AJ also discussed the reaction from her family to the book, how much of her was in the AJ Lee character, her 10-year plan and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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