Mauro Ranallo On JBL Getting Knocked Out, More JBL - Bullying Media

As noted, Mauro Ranallo is not expected to return to WWE television. Ranallo had some backstage tension with JBL after Ranallo tweeted out results of him winning the "Wrestling Observer Announcer of the Year" award for 2016. JBL, who didn't place in the top 10 in the category and was actually voted "Worst Television Announcer" in 2015, was upset over the tweet and went on a public rant about Ranallo on Bring It To The Table in March. The Wrestling Observer had reported that tension had been building between both men up until that point. Ranallo missed the following SmackDown tapings on March 14th, and hasn't appeared on WWE television since.

We noted over the weekend that several media outlets have been picking up on JBL's history of bullying. The Daytona Daily News also has a story over the bullying accusations at this link, while Paste Magazine ran a story about it today here, which contains a lot of the things I posted this past weekend.

Ranallo has been very active on Twitter today and took a jab at his situation with JBL after a user posted video of JBL getting knocked out by Bart Gunn during the "Brawl For All" shoot-fighting tournament, as seen below: