Ryback On Jinder Mahal's New Physique And How He Got It

Recently on Conversation With The Big Guy, independent professional wrestler and podcaster Ryback talked about number one contender for the WWE Championship, Jinder Mahal's impressive new physique and implied that 'The New American Dream' did not attain his hardbody status through diet and exercise alone.

According to Ryback, Mahal appears to have gynecomastia, the swelling of breast tissue from the excessive aromatization of testosterone. Gynecomastia is often caused by anabolic steroids.

"Speaking of t–s, who I noticed had t–s this week on RAW, Jinder Mahal." Ryback continued, "I noticed? they did a close up of his f–king chest and I just noticed it right away. I've never had that or anything because I don't? like, there's no reason to. When you get gyno, red flags right off the f–king bat, Dr. [David] Black."

Ryback pointed out that gynecomastia generally does not happen on its own.

"Jesus Christ, that s–t don't happen on its own." Ryback added, "and I like Jinder and whatnot and he looks great, but I am pointing out the obvious, that that doesn't just f–king happen from f–king drinking your protein shake."

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Source: Conversation With The Big Guy