- Scheduled to wrestle for IPW: UK today, Sean Waltman, also known as X Pac, has apparently gone missing. The Facebook page of the promotion says that Waltman was supposed to land in the United Kingdom a day before the event, but nobody has heard from him yet.

Waltman was booked in a 6-man tag team match alongside Chakara and Scott Star against the team of Sammy Smooth, Adam 'Flex' Maxted and Livvii Grace. In fact, IPW: UK promoter Daniel Edgar was thrilled at having Waltman there.

"X Pac is someone I always wanted to get on a show and I am so pleased to finally do it." Edgar had said. "I saw some photos of him recently and he is in such great shape. Obviously he is coming to the end of his in-ring career and in the past few years he has protected his body by only doing tag matches."

But now it appears that, "unless a miracle occurs" (in the words of the promotion), it won't be happening. Here's the exact post from IPW: UK's Facebook page:

With regret, unless a miracle occurs, X-Pac will no longer be appearing at the Extreme Measures 2017 event later today.
He was scheduled to land in the UK on Saturday at 2pm, but 12 hours later and nobody has heard from him. We wish Sean well and hope he is safe. Sometimes you do everything you can but it's completely out of our hands.

* We spent Saturday attempting to check if flights were possible for an international name to replace him, but at such short notice the options were next to none. As a result, we have been searching up and down the UK for available replacements and as you will see on the day tomorrow, we think we've found the best option at short notice.
* All other advertised wrestlers are in the country and ready for the show.
* Jimmy Havoc will be joining the Meet & Greet to replace X-Pac.
* Anybody who had an Interval photo package, The London Riots will replace X-Pac in the photo package. You're also immediately given a £10 reduction on package you've purchased, or if you wish you may obtain a full refund. Just let us know at the event.
* Furthermore, if you've placed an order for the X-Pac IPW:UK tee, you may either keep your purchase of the tee as some kind of collectors item, or have a complete refund.
Any further questions can be directed to us by private message, we will endeavor to reply to all messages before door time.

- WWE Hall of Famer Sting made an appearance at QPW Super Slam, a wrestling event in Qatar, on Friday night. Sting did not wrestle a match, but interfered in the match between Brian Cage and Alofa. The show featured many other big names as well, the likes of Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Mil Muertes, Apolo, Brian Cage, Chris Masters (aka Chris Adonis) Carlito, PJ Black, Matt Cross and Alberto El Patron. The main event was Johnny Mundo vs. Cody Rhodes.

Below are some of the tweets which include pictures of Sting from the show:

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