Ken Shamrock On If He'd Beat Brock Lesnar In A Real Fight, What He Wants To Ask Vince McMahon, More

Former WWE Superstar Ken Shamrock recently did an interview with Hannibal TV. You can check out some of the highlights from the interview here:

His thoughts on Brock Lesnar's UFC drug test failure, and if he could've been Brock in his prime:

"I can't speak on people and why they're using it. Listen, it's not about bragging, being better than somebody, it's about skill sets. There's no question in my mind that the times I was in my prime I was the most well-rounded fighter out there. Or in the world. I was the one who knew how to kickbox, I did kickbox and muay thai, I competed in events in Japan, and I was a submission specialist. Going into the UFC for the first time, I was the most well-rounded fighter there.

"Being able to fight a guy like Brock Lesnar who is a wrestler, who has very limited skills in striking, in my prime and him in his prime, he doesn't have a chance. How can you beat me? You can't beat me. If I'm in my prime and I have all those skill sets, and in his prime, he was very limited in his skill sets, how can you beat me? I've captured every title there is in the world that I've competed in. I've always risen to the top and become the guy. The only one I haven't done that was in pro wrestling, the WWF. I captured Tag Team, Intercontinental, Rookie Of The Year, King Of The Ring, everything but the heavyweight title. I would hope that somewhere down the road all the differences would be but aside, and allow me to come back and at least get a shot at the heavyweight title, and I hope Brock Lesnar has it cause I'd like to come after him."

If he could meet with Vince McMahon what reasons would he give as to why he deserves another chance with the company:

"I wouldn't ask why I should get another chance. I think everyone already knows that I should get a chance. I think I would want to know why, what's the underlying – cause everyone else has come back. Look at it, all these other guys have come and gone back, had issues with them, went to other organizations, WCW come back and they still got in. I would really want to know the truth. What was it that I did so bad that kept me out? Cause obviously I have the talent. I brought in all those new moves everyone is using now. You want to talk about somebody that has changed the face of wrestling because of them being in it, I think it's pretty clear I did that. Me to have an opportunity to come back and at least get a shot at that title, because it eludes me and bothers me, so I'd love to get a shot at that."

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Source: Hannibal TV

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