Live At The Hammerstein Ballroom In New York City

* There were two dark matches prior to the pay-per-view starting. In match #1, The Kingdom defeated The Tempura Boyz thanks to help from TK O'Ryan, who nailed Yohei with his crutch and it led to Matt Taven pinning him.... The second dark match saw The Rebellion defeat Cheeseburger, Will Ferrara & Gedo when Shane Taylor flattened Cheeseburger with a top rope splash.

* Before the PPV started, Officials from New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor came into the ring for an announcement. They unveiled the new IWGP United States Title. With a round robin tournament taking place on July 1st and 2nd at the G1 in Long Beach, to crown the inaugural champion. Jay Lethal was introduced to the crowd as the tournament's first entrant. Hangman Page came out to contest Lethal's entry but was held back by officials. With the New Japan brand expanding into America, this title makes a lot of sense. Although it seems like every company has 30 titles each now.

* Kevin Kelly, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are on commentary at ringside. They hype tonight's top matches and cue to the ring.

Kushida vs. Bobby Fish vs. Dalton Castle w/The Boys vs. 'The Last Real Man' Silas Young w/The Beer City Bruiser

Silas Young makes his way to the ring smoking a cigarette. Kushida got a great pop based on his reputation, but it didn't hurt that he had a Yankees jersey on in New York. Dalton Castle may have received the loudest reaction of them all during his entrance....... Silas Young gets on the mic prior to the match. He rips on the fans who are chanting for Dalton Castle. Silas wants to address Kushida, which prompts the crowd to chant his name. Silas calls out Kushida for pandering with the Yankees jersey. He attacks Kushida, rips off the jersey and steps on it. Silas is eliminated from the equation for now by the babyface trio. The sportsmanship between the three babyfaces goes out the window quickly, as they all try to pin each other.

The pace of the match picks up significantly inside and outside the ring. Dalton does his fake out dive and while he is strutting, Silas Young sneaks up from behind and rakes him in the back. Kushida follows suit and does the same thing to Silas. Kushida then connects with a cartwheel drop kick. He then ends up somersaulting off the top rope and onto his 3 competitors. Moments later, Kushida locks in a cross arm breaker on Castle, Fish tries to break it up but fails. Silas doesn't as he breaks it up with his top rope springboard plunge move. Silas and Fish then go at it. Bobby tries to clamp on his leg lock but Silas breaks free with a martial arts kick. Bobby Fish then starts striking all 3 men with a variation of kicks. He hits an exploder suplex on Silas and throws him into Kushida. Dalton attempts his Bang-A-Rang finish on Fish but Bobby counters it into a submission. Kushida leaps off the top rope and breaks up the hold. He then locks in the hoverboard lock on Bobby Fish but Silas intervenes. Silas goes for Misery but Kushida hits a great counter and spikes his head into the mat. The action heads to the apron and each men takes turns tripping the other up. After this frantic pace, Dalton Castle catches Fish and hits his bang a rang finisher to secure the victory.... Good opener but nothing special.

Dalton Castle defeats Bobby Fish, Kushida & Silas Young

A video package airs that chronicles the current Kazarian-Hangman Page feud.

'The Heavy Metal Rebel' Frankie Kazarian vs. Hangman Page

Kazarian wastes no time and leaps over the top rope and onto Page, before he even enters the ring. Kazarian then ends up hitting a belly to belly on Hangman and heaving him into a security member seated at ringside. Moments later, Hangman gets back into the match with a shooting star press off of the apron. Page then throws Kazarian into the ringpost....kind of...... Action back in the ring sees Hangman hitting a stiff lariat on Frankie. Page takes control of the bout for the next few minutes.

Kazarian eventually rallies with a unprettier. Both men get back to their feet and start spitting in each other's faces repeatedly. Page catches a large amount of saliva in his mouth and then spits it right back at Kaz. They then start trading strikes, Kazarian hits a slingshot cutter on Page for a near fall. Moments later, Hangman Page blocks the ref and lands a low blow on Kazarian. He then steals a victory when Kazarian attempts to sunset flip him but Page hangs on the ropes for leverage and defeats Kazarian...... Surprising finish that felt rushed. It's one of those, this feud must go on type finishes.

Hangman Page defeats Frankie Kazarian by pinfall

The IWGP Tag Team Champions War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs. Los Ingobernables De Japon (EVIL & SANADA) vs. Search and Destroy (Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham)

Colt Cabana on commentary asks if there is going to be a superkick counter tonight. Kevin Kelly amusingly responds with "that guy left the territory"...... LIJ's Sanada disrespects Gresham early on because of his short stature. Jonathan earns his respect early with a variety of aerial moves. Evil gets involved, he trips up Gresham and rams him into the barricade at ringside. Sanada then wraps up Gresham and Sabin into pretzels. With their legs and hands tied up, Sanada runs full speed and delivers a double basement dropkick to the both of them. Evil is in, Gresham is able to evade him and tag in his partner. Sabin takes down Evil and Sanada and gets booed by the New York crowd. He hits a double DDT, plays to the crowd and gets a few cheers from the same people who just booed him.... After EVIL escapes a double team from Search and Destroy. He inexplicably tags in Hanson, who comes into the ring on fire. He takes out both Gresham and Sabin and then does his running war cry splashes into the corner on Los Ingobernables. With LIJ laying in the corner, Rowe picks up Hanson and slams him into the both of them.

War Machine then attempts to win the match with fallout on Gresham but Sabin blocks it. Sabin and Gresham then hit tandem moves on Rowe and Hanson to get the brief advantage. In a really cool spot, Rowe fires up against them by blocking forearms with his head. He then double suplexes Sabin and Gresham at the same time. LIJ is back in business and they nearly decapitate Hanson. Sanada distracts the referee. While EVIL sandwiches a chair on Hanson's neck and then nails him with another steel chair. The pace of the match picks up considerably with all 6 men involved. The finishing sequence sees War Machine hit a pop up power slam on Chris Sabin. Rowe covers and pins him while Hanson flies to the outside onto LIJ, to block them from entering the ring.... Nice showing by all three teams. War Machine is absolutely on fire right now.

War Machine defeats Los Ingobernables De Japon & Search and Destroy

Jay White vs. 'The Aerial Assassin' Will Ospreay

The code of honor is adhered to by both men. White and Ospreay go from 0 to 100 immediately. Ospreay hits a twisting corkscrew headscissors. Will then attempts a shooting star press off the apron but White avoids it, only to get kicked in the head. When Ospreay attempts a suicide dive, Jay catches him in mid-air and slams him hard into the barricade.... That was pretty brutal and Ospreay has a huge welt on his back as a result of it....

The action slows down a bit with Jay White now in control. He grounds Ospreay and locks in a bridging Muta lock. After a couple minutes, Ospreay rallies by going to the air. Ospreay then connects with a springboard clothesline from halfway across the ring. White battles back with a suplex on Ospreay into the bottom turnbuckle. Both men now go tit for tat delivering European uppercuts. Ospreay tries a hurricanrana but gets caught and power bombed for a near fall. Jay White starts showing a mean side and begins taunting Will Ospreay. Both men fire up and trade blows. White wins the exchange with an impressive display of strikes. White continues to be aggressive, Ospreay fires up with a quick flurry but gets hit with a flatliner. Both men then trade multiple suplexes. Ospreay fires off the ropes and turns Jay White inside-out with a Spanish fly. Pretty stuff..... Ospreay recovers first and heads to the top for a 450 but lands on his feet. Ospreay then hits the code red on White for a near fall.

Will Ospreay now attempts to leap to the outside on White but gets caught in mid-air. Jay White then delivers a nasty looking brainbuster onto the ring apron, with Ospreay's neck snapping against it. White has a lot of momentum on his side. He hits a cobra clutch suplex on Ospreay but he doesn't follow up quickly after. This gives Ospreay time to fire up and put on an aerial flurry of moves. White catches him again, grounds Ospreay and starts elbowing him repeatedly, trying to get a ref stoppage. The crowd explodes during this sequence. White then hits a double underhook front face suplex on Ospreay for an extremely close near fall. The audience applauds and both men even get some streamer treatment, with the match not even over yet...

Both men battle to the top rope. Ospreay kicks his way out of White's clutches. He then hits a majestic springboard moonsault on White to the outside. Ospreay then throws White into the ring quickly and then connects with a springboard cutter off the ropes and secures the victory..... What a sick match. Great stuff.

Will Ospreay defeats Jay White by pinfall

Jay White and Will Ospreay shake hands from their knees after the match. The fans loudly chant "That was Awesome". It actually was..... Out of nowhere comes Punishment Martinez. He attacks both Ospreay and White. Martinez choke slams them both and lays them out.

Before the next match, The commentators proudly boast that this show is trending # 1 worldwide.

Bully Ray & The Briscoes vs. Hirooki Goto & RPG Vice(Romero & Beretta)

Bully Ray makes his entrance separately through the rafters. He has a mic in hand and the spotlight is on him. He puts over NYC and delivers news to his Chaos opponents.
Bully announces that this match is now No Disqualification. The Briscoes take flight almost immediately onto Goto and RPG Vice. Mark Briscoe does the Cactus Jack trademark elbow drop off the apron and the crowd chants "Foley".... The action gets into the ring and Bully leaps off the top with a high cross body onto all 3 of his opponents. Ray then delivers a series of chops. Bully then introduces a chair into the match but gets headbutted by Goto. Chaos now lays waste to The Briscoes and Bully with steel chairs. RPG Vice drapes Mark Briscoe over the ropes and they hit a chair assisted dropkick on him. Meanwhile, Goto and Ray are brawling on the outside.

RPG Vice takes to the air and Beretta somersaults onto the Briscoes. Trent then throws a steel chair full speed into Mark Briscoe's head. Chaos then triple teams Mark and he takes several chair shots to the head. Circa 1999 style....Right on cue, Kevin Kelly says that ROH has doctors on hand to check on all the competitors after every match.. Goto hits a spinning heel kick and a suplex on Mark but Bully breaks up the pin. Moments later, RPG Vice tries one too many tandem moves when Trent gets wheel barreled into a chair shot by Jay Briscoe. With the Briscoes and RPG Vice battling on the outside. Bully and Goto go blow for blow on the inside. Bully goes for the flip flop and fly but Goto dead lifts him and hits a death valley driver. Jay Briscoe is in, He goes after Hirooki. He knocks him down with stiff blows but RPG Vice runs into the ring and hits stereo flying knees. Mark is in and hits some of his red neck kung fu. Mark then hits a Pele kick, a rolling dvd and attempts a froggie bow but is cut off by Beretta.

RPG Vice tries a Chaos pyramid on Mark Briscoe but Bully and Jay recover and counter it into a double doomsday device. Bully and The Briscoes then execute the "Whazzz Up" spot on Goto. Bully then has The Briscoes "Get The Tables"... The table is set up and an ECW chant follows. Beretta is then power bombed off the top rope by Bully through the table. Romero gets hit with a 3D and the champions retain... Perfect contrast from the last match. Good for what it was.

Bully Ray & The Briscoes defeat Hirooki Goto & RPG Vice to retain The ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles

Bully Ray gets on the mic and leads the crowd in an ROH chant..... A video follows of Matt Sydal's return to Ring Of Honor, leading into tonight's match.

'The Villain' Marty Scurll vs. 'Reborn' Matt Sydal

Colt Cabana makes a crack on commentary of how Sydal is no stranger to television recently. Appearing on both Impact and ROH wrestling the last few weeks..... Kevin Kelly even comments on Sydal's recent travel back and forth internationally and in the states... Sydal gets a negative reaction when he is introduced to the crowd. They start chanting "Break his fingers" when the bell rings. A lot of standing switches to start things off, which is the usual open to all Scurll matches. When the pace picks up, Sydal takes control. When he does, Sydal gets booed and he plays it up to the crowd. Scurll tries to target Sydal's arm but he fights him off and hits a standing moonsault. When the action heads to the outside, Marty grounds Sydal with a thrust kick off the apron. The Villain cues for finger breaking, he doesn't get a chance here to do it but ends up stomping on Sydal's elbow instead.

Marty goes to work on Sydal's elbow inside the ring for the next couple of minutes. The crowd quiets down significantly during this stretch. Some mild boring chants by the crowd. Sydal hits a pump handle slam on Scurll and the crowd is ignoring the match. A few of them start singing the Nakamura song. Sydal hits a flying double knee on Scurll for a near fall. During a striking exchange, Scurll pokes Sydal in the eyes. Sydal hits a spinning heel kick, fires up and gets booed. Moments later, The Villain hits a brainbuster on Sydal. Marty revs up for the chicken wing but Sydal counters with a twisting side leg drop. Matt then attempts a standing moonsault, Scurll grabs his hand and then breaks Sydal's fingers. When Scurll goes for the chicken wing, Sydal springs up with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Scurll tries again for his chicken wing but Sydal counters with an inverted underhook driver. Sydal then attempts his signature 450 splash off the top but Scurll lifts his knees at the last second and then clamps on the chicken wing submission. Matt Sydal is unable to escape and taps out..... The crowd was disinterested in Sydal and only cared for Scurll's signature spots in this match.

Marty Scurll defeats Matt Sydal by submission to retain The ROH Television Championship

The Young Bucks (c) (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito & Bushi)

Naito actually kicks his IWGP Intercontinental Title down the rampway during his entrance. He then throws it into the ring. When The Bucks arrive, they do what they do best and copy Naito by throwing their titles into the air.

Dueling too sweet/naito chants from the crowd at the outset.... Naito and Nick Jackson play some mind games with each other early on. Naito gets the better of Nick so effortlessly. He has that unique ability to make it appear as if he isn't even trying hard.......Bushi leaps onto the Jacksons, Naito teases doing the same but does his signature in ring pose instead. The Bucks take control with Bushi in the ring as they hit several tandem moves. The Bucks then take to the air and hit their "too sweet" dives. Moments later, Naito regains control for LIJ. Naito continues to showboat and grand stand. All 4 men are now in the ring. The Bucks hit an assisted sliced bread on Naito and Bushi. After several fast paced kicks and knees by Nick Jackson on LIJ. He hits a springboard X factor on Naito. Naito is then corner bombed by The Bucks.

The Bucks set up LIJ in opposite corners and then hit a great looking sequence of moves with a rolling backstabber and flying double foot stomp. The Bucks then hit an assisted swanton on Naito but Bushi breaks up the count. Naito tries to fight off the Bucks from starting their superkick party, and he eventually does by hitting a wicked reverse rana on Matt Jackson. Naito gets a bit woozy after that move and has starts bleeding from his head. Matt and Naito start trading blows, Matt does several suck it chants but Naito delivers a low blow as a receipt. Naito then attempts Destino on Matt Jackson but he counters and sets up for The Meltzer driver. Bushi blocks it and then spews Matt with green mist. Matt is blinded and starts superkicking everyone. He accidentally superkicks his brother Nick and the referee Paul Turner. Matt gets water ands pours it into his eyes to clear his vision. LIJ has recovered and Naito sets up and hits Matt with Destino. Nick has recovered and he breaks up the count with a swanton. Frantic finish here with The Bucks going to the air and hitting several moves. After a few near falls, The Bucks beat LIJ when they hit Bushi with the Meltzer driver..... Entertaining Bucks match as usual even if their work always seems nonsensical.

The Young Bucks defeat Los Ingobernables De Japon to retain The ROH World Tag Team Titles

After the match, The commentators discuss New Japan's announcement of the brand new IWGP US Championship. Jay Lethal was announced during the presentation as the first entrant in the two day tournament, that will take place on July 1st and 2nd in Long Beach, California. Hangman Page came out during the announcement to contest Lethal being entered into the tournament first.

Adam Cole vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Before and during this match, The commentators make a big deal about this being Cole's dream match. They also hint at his potential departure. Cabana takes a shot at Cole, saying that this match is a dream for him but not for Tanahashi.

Evenly contested battle early on with both men exchanging holds on the mat. Cole takes a short cut by pulling Tanahashi's hair. Hiroshi retaliates with some hair pulling of his own and follows that up with his signature air guitar antics. The action gets more serious on the outside when Cole throws Tanahashi into the barricade. Cole takes control of the match for the next few minutes. Adam Cole does his own air guitar at one point. The crowd chants for both men. Cole tries to taunt and show up Hiroshi but Tanahashi ends up giving him a taste of his own medicine. Hiroshi gets the momentum on his side and hits a flurry of offensive moves, ending with a somersault senton. Cole retakes control by hitting the ushigoroshi. Cole then hits a shining wizard on Tanahashi for a near fall. Moments later, Cole spits on a fallen Hiroshi. He starts showboating but Tanahashi rises to his feet and hits Cole with a perfectly executed, straight jacket bridge suplex for a near pin fall.

Tanahashi and Cole now start trading uppercuts. Hiroshi goes for the sling blade but gets super kicked twice. When Cole attempts a third one, Hiroshi blocks it and hits a swinging neck breaker. He then follows that up with the sling blade. Tanahashi then attempts the high fly flow from the top rope but Cole picks up his knees at the last second. Cole then hits the last shot on Hiroshi for a near fall. Adam Cole then decides to fly off the top rope with his own version of the high fly flow. He hits it but Hiroshi kicks out at the last second. The crowd chants for both men. Cole tries another last shot but Tanahashi gets out of it with a superkick. When Hiroshi tries to leap off the top, he gets caught with a superkick in mid-air. Cole hits a running knee but Tanahashi kicks out again. Cole goes for the last shot again but Tanahashi counters with a suplex. He then heads to the top and hits the High Fly Flow on Cole and pins him for the victory.... Intriguing finish with the former ace of New Japan going over what could be the former ace of ROH in Adam Cole.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeats Adam Cole by pinfall

Colt Cabana on commentary takes a shot at Cole. He mentions how this was Adam's dream match and says "now maybe he can go have a dream match somewhere else".... After Tanahashi leaves the ring. Adam Cole gets the streamer treatment and a standing ovation from the crowd. They chant "Thank You Adam". Cole has his back turned to the hard camera as he salutes the crowd. When The Young Bucks show up behind him. They tease superkicking Cole and then hug him. This scene gets labeled as "Curtain Call 2" by the commentary team.... The lights go out in the arena and Kenny Omega appears on the screen. Kenny hushes the crowd and mentions the curtain call. He mocks Adam's touching moment. Omega says that he can't be here tonight but is disappointed with The Bucks and how they are acting towards Cole. Especially since Cole fired them several weeks ago. Kenny Omega calls Cole's tenure in ROH, The Bullet Club and Wrestling storied. Omega says that all fairytales have heroes and a villain... The camera pans out on him and he is next to someone in The Villain Marty Scurll's attire and mask. Omega says that Adam Cole has been officially fired for Bullet Club. The lights go back on and Marty Scurll is in the ring. He has his gear on and opens up an umbrella with The Bullet Club logo on it. The Bucks superkick Cole and Scurll reveals that he has joined The Bullet Club. He then lifts up Cole's head with the umbrella. The Young Bucks then kiss Adam Cole goodbye.

'Almighty' Christopher Daniels (c) vs. 'The American Nightmare' Cody vs. Jay Lethal

Cody leaves the ring at the start of the match. He pulls up a chair at ringside and sits down. Jay Lethal doesn't allow Cody to loaf and leaps through the ropes and onto him. Lethal then leaps onto Daniels and Cody with a suicide dive but lands awkwardly. His knee buckles on the fall but he continues on. He tries a Lethal Injection on Daniels but it gets blocked. Daniels goes for Angel's Wings but Lethal blocks it. Cody is in and attacks both men. He attempts a figure four on Daniels but Lethal breaks it up. Cody takes Lethal to the outside and rams him against the ring post. He then salutes the crowd negatively after they cheer him. Daniels catches Cody off guard and spears him into the barricade.

Moments later, Lethal is taken out of the equation when he is hit with a dragon leg screw. He heads go the outside, selling his knee injury. Cody and Daniels then turn their focus to each other. Cody ends up going to the timekeepers desk and getting out the table. He sets up the table and tries to suplex Daniels on it. Lethal comes back into the ring and blocks it. He and Daniels double suplex Cody back inside. All 3 men start going at it. Daniels hits a blue thunder bomb on Lethal and then hits a springboard moonsault onto Cody and Jay. Back inside the ring, Daniels attempts Angel's Wings on Cody but Lethal breaks it up. Jay then hits the Lethal combo on Daniels. Cody's back up and he powerslams Lethal. Daniels rises hits an STO on Cody. All 3 men battle back to their feet. Cody attempts a moonsault of the top but misses. Lethal heads to the top. Daniels follows and tries to superplex him. Cody comes into play with a power bomb attempt on Daniels. Christopher breaks free but ends up getting hit with Cross Rhodes by Cody for a near fall. Lethal leaps off the top with 'The Hail To The King' elbow but that pin attempt gets broken up.

As Lethal and Cody start trading strikes, Daniels struggles back up to his feet. He ends up near the apron. Lethal then throws Cody into Daniels and he goes flying through the same table, Cody set up earlier. We are down to just Lethal and Cody going at it. Cody low blows Lethal and tries to beat him with The Beautiful Disaster kick but Lethal connects with a cutter on him in mid-air for a near fall. Jay then tries to set up for The Lethal Injection but Cody blocks it and hits Cross Rhodes for a very close near fall. Kevin Kelly accidentally calls Cody "Rhodes" during this sequence and quickly corrects himself..... Cody applies the figure four leglock on Lethal. When Lethal appears as if he is going to tap out. Daniels returns and hits the Best Moonsault Ever on top of Cody and pins him, while Lethal was still locked in the figure four....... Good match that felt rushed with a surprising finish.

Christopher Daniels defeats Cody & Jay Lethal to retain The ROH World Championship

The show ends with Daniels celebrating his victory. The pay-per-view cuts off with Jay Lethal approaching him to offer a handshake.

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