- Austin, Texas wrestling promotion, Wrestle Circus, held a show last night with a main event of Pentagon Jr, Rey Fenix & Juventud Guerrera vs. Shane Strickland, Sammy Guevara & Mr. 450. During the match 450, Strickland, and Guevara all went to jump off the top rope, but Guevara stopped the trio, and said "Wait! Wait! Randy Orton is on Twitter!" The group all jumped down, gave their opponents RKOs, and did Orton's pose. This all stems from earlier in the month when Randy Orton ripped into independent wrestling on Twitter.

- The Masked Man Show spoke with Braun Strowman and got on the topic of what his typical meal is at Chipotle. Apparently, he goes there, a lot, and gets the same meal, which is about 1470 calories. Strowman said:

"The one that's by my house in Orlando, I can walk in and they just start making it 'cause I eat the exact same thing every time I go in there. I walk through the door and I just walk to the cash register because they make it and it's done."

The meal he usually gets:

"A bowl. One scoop of rice. Grilled vegetables. Three scoops of steak. Two scoops of chicken. Guac. Corn. Sour cream."

- On his radio show, Heated Conversations, Booker T said he would continue announcing on Raw until the end of the Summer. The news was tweeted out by his co-host, Brad Gilmore:

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