'205 Live' On The WWE Network
Aired Live From The Philips Arena In Atlanta, Georgia

The show kicks off with a slick video package, showcasing Neville's domination of the Cruiserweight Division over the last several months. The video then transitions to the present day feud between Neville and Austin Aries, leading into their submission match this Sunday at The Extreme Rules PPV. The major tagline used to cap off the video is "The Tap Heard Round The World". With the hype surrounding Aries submission victory over Neville on Monday's Raw.

Noam Dar and Alicia Fox head to the ring to open this week's show. They both get on the mic and rip on Atlanta and the friendship of Rich Swann and Sasha Banks. Dar refers to Alicia as his "fluffy bunny" and Fox tells Dar that he completes her. Noam mocks Swann and Sasha's relationship. He calls them friends with no benefits. Dar then talks about their upcoming mixed tag match with Sasha and Swann this sunday. Noam proclaims that true love will conquer all.....Rich Swann's music interrupts the couple and he makes his way down to the ring with Sasha Banks.

As Sasha and Rich Swann make their way to the ring. They call Alicia and Noam a "Hot Mess". Sasha and Rich say that they have a lot in common with each other, unlike Dar and Fox. Alicia snaps back at Sasha. She says that at least, she didn't get her bootleg weave done in Atlanta. Sasha snaps back with "well at least my track isn't showing boo boo". These two are channeling an episode of Hip Hop Wives..... When Sasha and Alicia attempt to go after one another. Swann and Dar hold their women back before they can come to blows.

Noam Dar w/Aicia Fox vs. Rich Swann w/Sasha Banks

Tom Phillips admits on commentary that he doesn't know what a track is. Pretty standard white guy comment by Phillips..... This leads to quite a few bootleg weave jokes by Corey Graves throughout the match. Rich Swann gets the advantage early on while Sasha and Alicia trash talk on the outside. Noam Dar gets control of the match when he soccer style kicks Swann on the ring apron. Noam then grounds Swann and goes to work on his elbow. Swann tries to rally and pick up the pace but Noam cuts him down and goes back to work on Swann's left arm for the next couple of minutes. Swann eventually rallies when he hits a standing rana on Dar. Swann gets some momentum but then attempts a rolling thunder only to have Dar pick his knees up at the last moment. Noam tries to slam Swann but it gets countered into a small package. Moments later, Dar locks in an ankle lock submission but Swann manages to break free and send Dar to the outside. With the ref counting out Dar, Alicia trips up Swann on the opposite side of the ring. Sasha sees this and makes her way to the other side to confront Alicia. She takes off her earrings and starts brawling with Fox. Banks ends up pulling out some of Fox's hair from her weave. Graves tells Phillips that he is going to find out now what tracks are. Meanwhile back in the ring, Noam Dar hits a big running kick on Swann and pins him.

Noam Dar defeats Rich Swann by pinfall

Dar comforts a humiliated Fox after the match. Graves says that Twitter may correct his street slang, but that he believes that Sasha just snatched Alicia bald.

Dasha Fuentes interviews Cedric Alexander backstage. She asks him about his feelings on the whole Noam Darr-Alicia Fox situation. Cedric says that karma will get them, he calls them extreme fools, who will get what's coming to them at Extreme Rules. Cedric says that he didn't rehab from his injury and return after 3 months to rehash his old relationship problems. Alexander says that 3 months may not seem like a long time, but when his WWE dreams were passing him by, it made that time feel like an eternity. Cedric then cuts the interview short by saying that he has to go make up for lost time.

Cedric Alexander vs. Corey Hollis

Hollis tries to charge at Alexander early but gets hit with a beautiful drop kick. Hollis does end up getting in some offense here unlike Cedric's opponent last week. He takes down Cedric and then targets his surgically repaired knee. Hollis then gets Cedric in a straight jacket submission. Alexander eventually breaks free with a stiff forearm and a handspring enzuguri. Cedric then flies through the air with a springboard clothesline. This leads to the finish where Alexander hits the lumbar check on Hollis and secures the victory.

Cedric Alexander defeats Corey Hollis by pinfall

Highlights are then shown from last week's streetfight match between Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick.

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

As Gulak is making his way to the ring with his No Fly Zone sign and his megaphone. Ali leaps over the top and onto Drew at ringside before the match has officially started.

The match starts with a loopy Gulak being hit with a flurry of offensive moves by Mustafa. Ali takes Drew back to the outside and hits him with a flying knee. Gulak finally starts trying to fight back but Ali continues to get the better of him. The tables turn in Drew's favor when the match gets back in the ring. Gulak grounds Ali and roughs him up. When Ali tries to rally and heads to the top rope, Gulak pushes him off. Ali lands on the ring apron and starts favoring his left knee. Drew wastes no time going after Ali's injury. Gulak goes to work on Ali for a bit and gets him in a submission. Mustafa eventually starts to rally. A fired up Ali hits a succession of moves and then grounds Gulak with a stiff kick. Ali then hits a rolling neckbreaker on Gulak but ends up favoring his leg on the landing. Ali limps to the top rope and the hesitation costs him the match when he leaps off with a cross body but Gulak counters it in mid air and rolls up Mustafa for the victory.

Drew Gulak defeats Mustafa Ali by pinfall

Drew Gulak is interviewed backstage by Dasha after his victory. Gulak sticks to his no fly zone campaign message of how showboating doesn't get you anything and how 205 Live needs to change to his vision. Gulak credits his victory to being efficient and having high class. Drew says that he just proved again that high flying doesn't pay and that staying grounded is the way.

Austin Aries makes his way to the ring with his trusty banana for the final segment of this show.

Austin Aries gets on the mic and brags about getting Neville to tap out to the Last Chancery. Austin says that everyone has been hitting him up since he made Neville tap last night. Aries then throws in a cheap plug for his upcoming foodfight book before repeatedly mentioning over and over how Neville tapped out.

The crowd joins in on chanting "He tapped out". Aries then cues to the footage from last night's Raw where Neville........ you get the idea..... Aries requests that the footage be played over and over. He gets the crowd to chant one more time. The tap out footage from Raw is then shown in slow motion. Austin says that everyone is making a big deal that Neville tapped out for the first time last night but that Neville was actually going to tap out on two other occasions to the last chancery. He cites WrestleMania where Neville raked him in the eyes and Payback, where Neville got himself blatantly disqualified. This leads to Neville finally coming out to address Aries. Neville says that Austin got lucky last night. He states that just like the vermin tonight in The Philips Arena, that Aries has no decorum. Neville calls Aries scum and a disgrace to 205 Live. Neville promises to eradicate Aries once and for all by inflicting insufferable agony to Aries this sunday.

Neville closes his remarks by saying that he is going to get rid of Aries once and for all. Just then TJP shows up and tries to blind side Aries but Austin turns around and lays out TJP with the discus five arm. Neville gets into the ring and takes out Aries knee.

Neville beats down on Aries and tells TJP to hold him up. Neville then demands that Aries bends the knee to the king. Aries refuses and is then knocked down by Neville. The fans continue to chant "You Tapped Out" at Neville. He then clamps on The Rings of Saturn on Austin Aries. While TJP lays in some of the worst kicks in wrestling history on the lower body of Aries. Officials come out to break up Neville's hold. He is forced to relinquish the hold. The show ends with Neville standing over Aries.

* Bonus video after the show of Sasha Banks confronting Alicia Fox can seen below.

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