Natural Bodybuilder On Why Jinder Mahal's Physique Is Suspicious

Natural bodybuilder Nick Miller, who offers tips and information on professional bodybuilding, recently released the YouTube video above on whether or not WWE Champion Jinder Mahal should be tested for steroids.

In the video, Miller discussed the transformation of Mahal's physique from average to what it is today, which preceded WWE putting him over Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash last month. Nick pulled up the WWE Wellness Policy on the company's official website and showed the list of banned anabolic androgenic substances that Mahal could have used to transform his body, explaining they are officially banned under the policy.

Miller then highlighted the portion of WWE's Wellness Policy that explains reasonable suspicion for testing, specially reading a section from 8A, which states:

"Reasonable Suspicion. WWE may require WWE Talent to submit to a test or tests, including, without limitation, urine, blood, saliva, hair, and/or breath tests, if there exists reasonable suspicion that a WWE Talent has violated any part of this Policy or has diminished ability to perform as a result of using any prohibited substance"

He read from paragraph two, which defines observation of signs, symptoms and/or behaviors known to accompany the use of prohibited substances.

Nick highlighted four signs that Mahal could be using steroids. First, he looked at Mahal's extreme vascularity followed by an "extreme almost unreasonable level" of low body fat and leanness from match to match. Miller showed the dramatic transformation of Jinder Mahal, which he called a "dad bod" to what he is today. Finally, Miller pointed to Mahal having gynecomastia, a condition caused by a hormonal imbalance or, elevated estrogen levels from possibly not recovering correctly from a steroid cycle.

Miller concluded his video by saying that he believes Jinder Mahal should be tested for steroids based on the WWE Wellness Policy and the results of that test should determine whether or not he should be WWE Champion.

Mahal has not shied away from the fact his body has dramatically transformed over the past year, something he credits to extreme dieting and complete alcohol cessation.