Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com live coverage of WWE RAW Talk after WWE Extreme Rules. Guests include The Miz, Rich Swann and Sasha Banks, and more.

- Renee Young welcomes us to the show. The Miz and Maryse waltz in with Miz celebrating being a now seven time Intercontinental Champion. Young calls out the new champ and his wife for bending the rules to win, citing Miz telling Maryse to slap him to get DQ'ed. Miz says he was telling Maryse he loves her and even likes to be slapped. Miz calls Young out for calling Miz's win "rubbish" and goes on to call Ambrose and his title reign rubbish. Miz says Ambrose never defended the title and the days of being a "wrassler" are in the past. Maryse takes control and puts over her husband and tells Young that Ambrose is inferior. Young then congratulates Miz. The new champ says he will have a big celebration for his win tomorrow night on RAW.

- After Miz declares the awesomeness of his upcoming celebration, Corey Graves joins the crew and sides with the Miz and Maryse over his old partner in Young Graves. They talk quickly about the Women's Title match. Graves says Bayley should go to the back of the line. Although she's a great person outside the ring, Graves says Bayley lacks the killer instinct inside the ring. The crew puts over Bliss and her continued reign.

- Rich Swann and Sasha Banks join the show. Swann acknowledges the hometown pop. Banks says they broke the curse by Swann winning in his hometown. Graves says Swann has been cat fishing, but Swann says it was because Fox was messing with his buddy Cedric Alexander. Young asks Sasha about Bayley. Banks says she could have possibly helped Bayley, but her former friend just didn't have it tonight. Swann says he hopes to get back near the top of the Cruiserweight division after this win after losing his title at the Royal Rumble. The duo look to dance the night away, but Banks lets us know she's married although Graves promotes some promiscuity.

- Young and Graves talk about Cesaro and Sheamus' victory over the Hardy Boyz for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

- Samoa Joe joins the show in a rather cheerful mood. He says he's beaten up physically, but feels fantastic about his future, which most people wouldn't look forward to. Joe says he thrives on this type of situation and realizes this is a dream match for a lot of people. Joe says he has the ability to go to a dark violent place in order to beat Lesnar. Joe admits he's a very horrible person overall who seeks victory and domination, and doesn't hide those facts. Graves asks Joe about his confidence after his big win over four other elite superstars. Joe lists off the competitors and puts himself over for the win. Young brings up that Kurt Angle picked Joe before the PPV. Joe says Angle knows how he works and knows him well. Graves asks about Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Joe tells Lesnar to start his training camp now, that no matter how hard he works, he won't be prepared for what he will do to him.

- Joe drops the mic and Young and Graves sign off for the evening.

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