What Happened After WWE SmackDown / 205 Live Tapings With Randy Orton? (Videos)

After SmackDown went off the air, Randy Orton faced WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in the dark match. Orton hit the ring first. Mahal came out second with the Singh Brothers. One of the Singh Brothers said that Mahal's presence was enough for the crowd, so the bout is now a non-title match. He then cut a promo in Punjabi.

As Mahal was finally getting ready to enter the ring, Orton went to ringside to sign some autographs. Once the match finally got started, Jinder was jawing with fans on the ring apron and was pushed to the outside of the ring by Orton. They battled outside of the ring for a bit.

Once back in the ring, Orton hit an RKO on Jinder, but the Singh Brothers interfered to cause a DQ. Orton proceeded to RKO both of of the Singh Brothers to send the show.

You can check out some videos from the segment below, courtesy of Wrestling Inc. reader @GoldGraps :

@GoldGraps contributed to this article.