Jim Ross posted on his blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

Samoa Joe winning at WWE Extreme Rules:

"Samoa Joe getting his long awaited bout with Brock Lesnar is a stellar booking IMO and one that I endorsed at our RINGSIDE Show the night before WM31 in San Jose when Joe was my guest at our RINGSIDE Show. Some naysayers are already questioning this booking which is a head scratcher as some feel that Joe is being positioned for merely a one off against Lesnar which, if true, is not the end of the world by the way for anyone involved. I say that the Lesnar-Joe match will receive plenty of talk/hype over the next several weeks and that the two, physically demanding athletes will provide us a tremendous one on one main event in Dallas. I am personally looking forward to this match as much as any match I can recall this year and will tell you that it is an announcer's dream to be privileged to call a bout like this."

Comparing Alexa Bliss to Buddy Rogers:

"I compared Alexa Bliss personality and 'feel' to that of the late, great Buddy Rogers who was a undersized blonde who had miles of charisma and who people put their eyes on the minute that the original 'Nature Boy' walked through the curtain. Alexa has that same 'I can't take my eyes off of her' persona or so it seems. She and Bayley had a tough assignment with Kendo stick stipulation but they persevered."

Cruiserweights match at WWE Extreme Rules:

"Enjoyed Neville vs. Aries a great deal as they told a compelling story while following the title changing steel cage match featuring the Hardy's vs Sheamus & Cesaro. Once fans better understand who these Cruiserweights are and can make an emotional investment into their TV personas, these talented athletes will begin to move up the ladder of perception, without question. It takes time and the more quality minutes these specific talents receive and take advantage of the better it will be for the 205 pound division. Neville and Aries are as talented as any wrestler in the WWE, in my opinion. Loved the realistically utilized submission finish in this bout too. Thanks to UFC, etc, losing by submission has a totally different connotation than it had years ago when it was extremely rare to see any fan favorite lose by submission."

Much more is contained in Ross' blog, including more of his thoughts on Sunday's PPV. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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