Bram On His Suspension In Japan, Ex-Wife Charlotte's Progress, Being In The Ascension, Dixie Carter

Bram spoke with Art of Wrestling about a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Working for Dixie Carter, Anthem, Jeff Jarrett, and Billy Corgan:

"I love Billy Corgan! He´s a close friend of mine and someone I hold in high regard. His mind for the business, and business in general, is impeccable. Having him on board for the time he was with us, for me, was fantastic. I´m pretty sure all the boys would agree with that too. I always liked Dixie a lot and she was good to me. I had no issues with her whatsoever. What goes on in the office or behind closed doors is not my business, nor do I put much thought into it, my job is to entertain. Anthem seem keen to get stuck into Impact and turn it around for the better, so I´m all for it. Having Jeff Jarrett back is great, it´s his baby at the end of the day and he gets and understands the business from every angle."

Getting suspended by Japanese promotion, NOAH, for a social media photo:

"Robbie E and I were asked to come over to Japan to take part in the Global Tag League. Robbie and I were killing it as a team over there and had great matches. I love Japan and their style and I was excited to have the opportunity to go over there and wrestle for NOAH. Their office is great and the boys were great to us. I loved it! However, one evening, as a joke, I laid on an ice cream fridge and took a picture, which I put on my Instagram account. I was trying to be funny and meant no harm, I had no idea it would upset people, no idea! I publicly apologized for the incident to the media, but it was too late, NOAH suspended me due to the picture. I hope one day I can return to NOAH and finish what I started. I like it there. The relationship between NOAH and Impact is completely fine and there´s no hard feelings. I just had no idea it would be such a bad thing and honestly meant it only to be funny. I´m hoping once the dust settles I can go back, because I know they liked me."

Being in The Ascension and their main roster call-up:

"The Ascension was cool and I am glad I was a part of the early stages. I am still close with both guys, Konnor and Viktor. I wish them nothing but the best and success. What we did and what is on TV now is a completely different product to what we were doing when I was part of it, so I can´t really comment. However, they are on TV and making money so to me that is still a successful endeavor."

Women's wrestling and Charlotte Flair:

"I can´t say I watch a lot of women´s wrestling, but I will watch if Ashley [Charlotte Flair] is on. Without sounding bias, Charlotte Flair, is my ultimate favorite. She´s the best in the world when it comes to women´s wrestling. Hell, she´s stepping on the dudes' toes too! She has so much natural charisma, it´s effortless to her. It´s like she´s been doing it forever and she´s only been doing it for a handful of years. I love watching her work."

Bram also discussed the current state of NXT. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Art of Wrestling