Dalton Castle spoke with A Music Blog, Yea? (AMBY) on a number of wrestling topics. You can see the full interview in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:

Who was an influence for him to get into pro wrestling:

"My mom. She was like 'You're never going to be anything, if you don't get some muscles and put some tights on. You're never going to be anything.' I just remember waking up [on] weekends - you get to sleep in - and then as a kid my Mom would come in with a bucket of ice water and she would just dump it on me and she said, 'Look at you, in your flannel pajamas, you're trash, put some spandex on.'"

Working with The Boys:

"I think Boys are just important for everybody, they really can help you relax. They add a certain flair and element to a match that most people don't have. I didn't pick Boys, because I thought 'Oh, nobody's got Boys.' I just picked Boys because I feel like being surrounded by Boys is the way I'm going to be most comfortable."

Dealing with nerves:

"Once the music hits and I walk through that curtain...all that will just go away and I'll be zoned in, I'll be ready to walk down that big walkway, get in that ring, and do what I do best."

Dalton Castle also discussed where he buys his outfits. Again, you can see the full interview in the video above.

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