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- We kick things off with a video package hyping the show and being "The best." Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer welcome us to the show and run through all the matches that we'll see tonight.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia) vs. Ultimo Guerrero and El Terrible

The Kingdom out first with Taven dressed King-like and sitting in a throne and Marseglia coming out chained to a stretcher, dressed somewhat like Jason from Friday the 13th. Out next is Ultimo Guerrero and El Terrible. Marseglia and Terrible kick things off, headlocks and wristlocks from both wrestlers with a little bit of biting from both guys. Terrible dazed with a flurry of kicks and chops in the corner. In comes Taven, who goes to work putting Terrible down and then to the floor. Shoves and chops from both wrestlers. Terrible and Guerrero go to work on Taven on the outside, Taven draped off the barricade, Guerrero with a leap frog over his partner and comes crashing down on Taven. The other member of The Kingdom, TK O'Ryan, uses his crutches to get in a cheap shot. Action goes back to the ring and Guerrero gets the crowd pumped up. Marseglia sent to the corner by Guerrero, big clothesline into a handstand/dropkick in the corner. He goes for one more and gets superkicked right in the face by Taven. Double stungun over the top rope on El Terrible.

Taven and Marseglia are sent to the outside, suicide dive by Terrible and Guerrero dives off the top rope to the floor, The Kingdom trying to make a comeback though after those two moves. Now Marseglia with his own dive to the outside, Taven then jumps the top rope all the way to the floor! Backpack/dropkick combo, pin, only a two-count. Terrible put up on the top rope, Taven gets stopped and dumped hard to the mat, Marseglia with a senton on Guerrero for another two count. Marseglia tries to pull his partner back into the ring and is distracted, Guerrero is able to recover and sneak in from behind for the roll-up, 1-2-3.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero and El Terrible via Pinfall

Frankie Kazarian vs. Hangman Page (Strap Match)

Both men have straps tied to their wrists and swing and miss early on. The two get in some strikes in early. Early pin attempt on Kazarian, just a two count. Page ducks for a back body drop and gets whacked hard by a strap strike. Sweet hurricanrana by Kazarian from the ring down to the floor. Page recovers and sends Kazarian into the barricades once, twice, three times. Kazarian starts wailing the heck out of Page, you can already see marks on his back. Suplex on the stage steps! These two are going after each other hard early on. Kazarian ties Page to the top rope and wears him out on the back multiple times. Page with a slingshot lariat, grounded punches, and took away Kazarian's strap, throwing it into the crowd. Page starts hitting Kazarian over and over and he's without a weapon!

Page continues to put Kazarian down and has brought out his noose, which he uses to tie Kazarian up by the hands and then locks him up in the ropes. Page goes to work on Kazarian's back and chest. Kazarian says to hit him again! Page does a few more times. Page brings out another strap with nails and thumbtacks on it! Kazarian frees himself and goes back to work, he slingshots Page from the apron into the ring and hits a cutter. Strap with the nails in it is on the mat. Lungblower, pin attempt on Page, two-count. Rite of Passage by Page, but Kazarian kicks out. Page hits him with the strap with nails, twice, Kazarian's back is bleeding now. Kazarian grabs the strap with the nails, spits in Page's face, and hammers Page with that horrific strap. He then sends Page down to the floor from the apron. Kazarian then hangs Page by the bottom rope and he almost immediately taps out.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian by submission

Search and Destroy (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay White and Jonathan Gresham) vs. The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King, Rhett Titus and Shane Taylor) - Losing team must disband

Everyone pairs off on the outside and the fight is on. Going to be trying to cover everything going on here, the cameras can barely keep up. Gresham and Coleman in the ring to start things off, but Search and Destroy all come in to work on Coleman. Coleman gets Gresham down and has to fight off all four of his opponents. Titus with a big clothesline into the barricade on the outside, but he's put down quickly by Jay White. Pin attempt is broken up in the ring. King is in there now against Gresham who just can't seem to get out of the ring. His entire team is out on the floor, tough to tag out. Shelly finally gets involved but is put down fairly quickly. Gresham continues to get beat down by Coleman, three rolling suplexes with a bridge on the final one.

Greshman is in the wrong part of town, even if he wanted to tag out, his teammates all can't seem to stay on the apron. White finally is there and gets brought in, lighting up all of his opponents. White is crushing everyone in the ring right now, big elbows to everyone in all four corners. Multiple superkicks by Shelly and Sabin, followed up by drop kick/DDT combo. Superkick/german suplex into a pin for only a two by White. Coleman and Titus splash White in the corner, he's dazed at the moment. Chin checker into a high leg drop, pin attempt broken up by Shelly and Sabin. White is isolated in the match, Taylor up to the second rope, giant splash, pin, two count. Action to the outside, Search and Destroy with the momentum right now. Multiple top rope dives on Titus, kicks out out two. Each member of Search and Destroy has their opponent in a submission and get the win.

Winners: Search and Destroy via Pinfall (The Rebellion must not disband)

- Post-match, Punishment Martinez jumps Search and Destroy, and sit-out chokeslam on White.

Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young

Young comes out with the Beer City Bruiser. Lethal comes from the crowd and lays out the Bruiser with a chair. Back and forth punches from both men. Streamers still in the ring. The Bruiser is helped to the back. Action has been on the outside for minutes as they wail away at each other and use the barricade a few times. Suplex on Silas from the barricade to the floor, Lethal with a elbow drop off the barricade, misses. Action heads back into the ring, Silas starts to get the best of Lethal, working the abdomen. Lethal gets back into this, keeping Silas grounded, attempting a number of pins without any luck. Suplexes blocked by both wrestlers, Lethal with a kick to the back of the head, stalled suplex into a pin, two count. Crowd seems like they are trying to recover after the last two matches, not as active as this match proceeds. Silas looks to get back into this, but he's superkicked off the apron to the floor, then suicide dive by Lethal smashing Silas into the barricade, not once, but twice.

Crowd reaction picking back up as Lethal gets going, a third dive and Lethal gets a steel chair to the mush. Both guys are down and out on the floor, count goes all the way to 18 before both roll into the ring at the same time. Hard punches back and forth, some wonderful selling by both guys in this one. As they hit each other they start rebounding off the ropes for harder strikes. Lethal injection attempt countered, superkick by Lethal, he goes up top for the elbow drop. Lethal goes for figure-four, inside cradle pin by Young for two-count. Big boot, suplex, knee straight to the face by Young. He can't seem to put Lethal away, so in comes the beer keg. The ref gets in Young's face and he pushes him down. Young for a pin, two-count, Lethal reverse and gets the three count for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal by Pinfall

- Post-match the Bruiser comes back out and stomps on Lethal. Young hits Misery on the keg! Lethal in a lot of pain as he rolls around on the mat. The keg is slightly dented from the impact. The keg is now shoved into the corner, Young traps him in the corner as the Bruiser splashes him right up against the keg, three times. Lethal holding his ribs as he lays on the mat. The duo isn't done yet though, out comes a table, Lethal is put on it, and Bruiser hits a frog splash from the top ropes to the floor! The table didn't stand a chance. Lethal isn't even moving now as one of the referee puts an ice pack randomly on his shoulder.

Bully Ray and The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe) (c) vs. Dalton Castle and The Boys (ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship)

Jay in first and instantly goes after The Boys, ignoring Castle completely. Mark tags in, Castle working the mat game to kick things off. Mark with some great counters to get control of Castle. The Boys jump in front to help protect Castle. Castle gives his strut taunt to Bully and Jay, then calling in Bully. Crowd is totally behind Castle, more so than anyone else thus far. Bully uses his power to back Castle to the corner. Castle with some chops to the chest, but they have zero effect. Bully with some punches, Castle ducks and gives him the Peacock Pose, crowd goes nuts for it and start chanting his name. Bully dances and does his own Peacock Pose. Castle is appalled, returns fire with his own. The Boys are now involved as they attack Jay, one of them end up kicking Jay down low to slow him down.

Castle back in and tossing Jay around the mat. Castle in complete control at the moment. Jay sitting on top rope, big dropkick by Castle. Castle gets planted to the ring face first off the top rope. Mark is now lighting up Boy #1 and Boy #2 with massive chops. The Boys have no shot against Mark who hits a death valley driver with a roll through. Castle in, and gets hit a suplex into a pin, broken up by The Boys. Bully gorilla press on one of The Boys. Jay is going nuts on The Boys on the outside. Bully is looking for a table. Jay throws a chair at one of The Boys, but misses, Boys run off leaving Castle in the ring by himself and somehow gets a roll-up for a 3 count!

Winners: Dalton Castle and The Boys win the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship via Pinfall.

Kushida (c) vs. Marty Scurll (ROH World Television Championship)

Kushida goes in for a handshake and Scurll kicks it away. Fast pace start to this one with neither man really getting the advantage. Early arm submission on Scurll, who finds his way to the ropes in a hurry. Kushida on the outside, Scurll goes for a kick off the apron, blocked, rolling heel by Kushida. Scurll is really working the arm and shoulder of Kushida, looking to slow down his opponent. Kushida recovers, tries to go to the top and Scurll gets him by the nose to stop him. Kushida slips under with another rolling double heel. Scurll is still stuck on the top rope. Hoverboard lock on the top rope and rolls him over off the top rope! He's still holding the submission, but Scurll escapes and connects with a European uppercut and apron kick while Kushida was on the floor. Knee to the face and piledriver by Scurll, pin, two-count. Backslide counter on Kushida as he went for a springboard elbow.

Scurll is able to get Kushida's finger and rolls right into a chicken wing, and each wrestler counters multiple times until Kushida gets in another hoverboard lock submission. Straight punches to each other's face and both men are down to the mat. Kushida up and stomps away at Scurll's face over and over again. Scurll with elbows over and over to his opponent's face and locks in the chicken wing in the center of the ring. Kushida is fading, but he rolls out and goes for the finger snap right into another shoulder submission. Kushida wiggles his way to the ropes and gets a leg on the bottom rope. Kushida gets caught up on the top rope, Scurll goes for the fingers, but gets his own fingers snapped! Super Back to the Future and another Back to the Future for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kushida retains the ROH World Television Championship via Pinfall

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) (c) vs. War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) vs. The Best Friends (Trent Baretta and Chuckie T) - (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

As we get to the introductions, The Best Friends show up on stage and feel like they deserve a title shot right now because they beat The Young Bucks at an earlier show. It becomes a tornado tag 3-way as all the teams go after each other. Young Bucks go for a dive on War Machine, both are caught, super kicks, and Baretta dives to the outside. It's been complete chaos in and out of the ring. War Machine go to work on Matt Jackson who get powerbombed and splashed by Hanson, double cover, but Nick with a senton to break up the pin. Nick is flying all over the ring and finishes with a superkick. Chuckie T with a massive front flip off the stage. Hanson dives to the floor! Action in the ring, everyone is going for moonsaults and they all are missing. Rowe goes up to the top for his own moonsault, but Baretta catches him and lands an overhead German Suplex, double chokeslam by The Best Friends, pin, and it's broken up.

Best Friends keep getting knocked silly into hugging each other. We have a Superkick Party and everybody is down in the ring. War Machine with a pop-up power slam on Baretta, who kicks out at two. Fallout on Baretta, but it's broken up by Chuckie T. War Machine sent out and double Superkick, Nick with a moonsault on War Machine to the outside. Back in the ring, Chuckie T nearly got the three, but Hanson drags the ref out of the ring. Rowe with a knee to the jaw of Chuckie T. Rowe then kicks out of a double pin. War Machine goes for double piledrivers on Best Friends, Young Bucks in with superkicks and then double Indy Taker assisted by War Machine, double superkicks on War Machine, and The Young Bucks get the pin for the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks retain the ROH Tag Team Championship via Pinfall

Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Cody (ROH World Championship)

Back and forth early on, Cody shoves Daniels' face. Irish whip, Cody ducks down, Daniels catches him and stands on his neck with a taunt, elbow drop to Cody's neck. Cody's lip is already busted open, he walks around the outside of the ring, wiping it on his pants. Daniels almost gets Angel's Wings, but Cody ducks out of the ring and goes into the crowd to collect himself. Fan wants a "Too Sweet" and gets a middle finger in return. Back to the ring, Daniels gets the best of Cody, who again goes to the crowd. Daniels lands a drop kick as he nears the ring. Cody hits a flatliner from the apron into the ring, finally getting some momentum in the match.

Action to the outside, Cody sees Cary Silkin and puts his hands on him! Announcers are losing their minds. Back in the ring, Daniels unknowingly rams Cody into the referee twice into the corner and he's down and out. Cody with a lowblow kick. Pin attempt, but the ref is still out. Out comes Marty Scurll with a chair to give to Cody. Daniels stomps the chair as Cody picks it up, he then throws the chair to Cody and falls down as the ref recovers. Action continues on, Cody drops Daniels on the chair. Crowd is chanting "Cody." Out comes Frankie Kazarian to fight off Scurll. Cody brings out a table. Daniels drops Cody face first on the apron. Table is on the floor. Action in the ring, STF by Daniels, good chunk of the crowd is booing him. Daniels goes for Angel's Wings down through the table, but Cody dumps in back in the ring. Cody hits a rainmaker and does Okada's taunt! Disaster Kick by Cody, who nearly shoves Daniels down through the table. Daniels with a belly to back suplex through the table! Not really sure who got the worst of that move.

Action back in the ring, Koji Clutch by Daniels, Cody gets leg to the rope. Cody spits water in Daniels' face, Cross Rhodes, only gets at two! Daniels goes for The Best Moonsault, lands on his feet. Cody inverted atomic drop, misses disaster kick, lands Cross Rhodes! Pin and he wins the title! New champion!

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins the ROH World Championship via Pinfall

- Post-match, The Bullet Club joins him in the ring to celebrate his victory.

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