- Above is the latest WWE Fury video featuring 13 times Superstars were swatted out of mid-air. The video includes Matt Hardy hitting Jeff with a chair, Big Show whacking John Morrison with a kendo stick, and Shelton Benjamin pulling off a springboard right into HBK's Sweet Chin Music, among others.

- Today, former WWE Divas and Women's Champion, Layla, turns 39 years old. WWE wished her a "Happy Birthday" on the site, which included a gallery of the former Superstar. Also today, British wrestler, Mark Haskins turns 29 years old.

- Since coming to the main roster, WWE has given Shinsuke Nakamura the moniker, "The Artist." Fans haven't exactly loved the new nickname and have voiced their opinion so much that Kevin Owens tweeted about it. On his Twitter, Owens said:

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