Bayley was recently a guest on Steve Austin's podcast where she talked about the pros and cons of being called up from NXT and who she travels with on the road.

"Me and Sasha [Banks] talk about that all the time, just like being backstage with all the politics and all those things behind it, and even coming up from NXT," said Bayley of the pros and cons of being called up to the main WWE roster.

"It can either be a smooth ride and easy depending on what the company is looking for, or who you are or whatever, or it can be where you are in NXT for a long time and finally get there and have a big debut and then have a rough start too," she explained. "It's so different but I guess it has its pros and cons from back then until now."

Bayley was called up to the main WWE roster from NXT at last summer's Battleground pay-per-view. She was a standout down in NXT, having one of the best matches of 2015 against Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver: Respect. While it hasn't quite been a year since Bayley received the call-up, she is a one-time WWE Raw Women's Champion. She noted that while she felt that she could do anything in NXT, she's still figuring out the WWE crowd. She added that while she's in "a weird spot" right now, she's "still figuring it out."

She also explained that she has always chose to travel with friends while on the road with WWE.

"In NXT, it was always Carmella; she is one of my best friends," Bayley answered when asked who she travels with. "It was so much fun, but now she is on SmackDown, which is fine, but I travel with Sasha Banks now."

"Everyone just travels with their friends because it's easier since you are all on the same schedule as your friends, but I don't know how other cars are, I have traveled with some of the guys when I was in NXT and they are always constantly talking about wrestling; constantly trying to book stuff, always wrestling, but with Sasha Banks and I, it's still new to us being together all the time, but we talk about friends and family but we also like to complain to each other and vent to each other about everything," Bayley explained.

"She's [Sasha] one of those people that you can do that with but I can just let it all out, same with her. Or, we can just be huge freaking marks together and talk about how this is the coolest thing ever being able to do this."

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