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Recently on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, WWE Hall Of Famer Edge shared his thoughts on WWE Champion Jinder Mahal's current run, the success of The Singh Brothers, and whether he will ever return to WWE for one more match.

On the subject of Mahal, Edge likened 'The Modern Day Maharaja''s development to his Rated-RKO partner, Randy Orton, 15 years ago, insofar as Orton was learning on the job from veteran performers. Moreover, Edge claimed that Mahal continues to grow every week.  

"Here's what people forget: that was Randy 15 years ago. That was Randy working Chris Benoit, teaming with Ric Flair, working against Shawn Michaels and [Chris] Jericho, and teaming with Batista, working against me. Like, he was working against guys that were much more experienced in that level on the card and he was thrust into that too. And, obviously, he swam like Michael Phelps with it."

Edge continued, "anyways, you do see the confidence Jinder is gaining and the small time lapse of trying to think of what to do next instead of going with instinct are starting to happen. That instinct, and timing, and not second-guessing yourself is starting to assimilate in and you can see it happening."

Edge, who has been something of a mentor to The Singh Brothers, put over the former Bollywood Boyz and said that he knows their minds are blown from their recent success.

"I think The Singh Brothers, I know them as Harv and Gurv, they're doing great. I think they're a great addition to the whole package. And I saw them at the pay-per-view and when I see them grabbing Bob Orton and Ric Flair's face, I'm super proud of them because I know where they've come from and everything and for them to be able to be that involved and have the office to give them that nod of approval, I guess, or confidence, that they'd involve them with a guy like Orton, Bob Orton, and a guy like Ric Flair, and Larry Hennig. and Baron von Raschke, and all these guys sitting there, it's got to be, I know for them, their mind is probably blown at what's happening, but it's a big part of Jinder's deal."

Finally, Edge stated that he is flattered people still ask him about having one more match, but he has been "medically disqualified" by WWE from ever wrestling again.

"I just want to make this as clear as possible. I appreciate that people always ask me, 'oh, so you're going to come back for one more match, right?' It's a huge complement that you want me to come back for one more match; however, it can never, ever happen. The WWE has medically disqualified me from ever wrestling again, so for those listening, that's the way it is, but I appreciate you wanting more."

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