Bruce Prichard is back working for Impact Wrestling, a company that he once accused of stealing from him and not having his back.

Prichard worked for Impact from 2010 through 2013 in a behind-the-scenes role that saw him promoted as Vice President of Talent Relations. In March 2017, Prichard returned to Impact under the new owners and also got an on-air role in the company.

"Completely different," Prichard said of the new direction of Impact under Anthem Sports & Entertainment in a recent interview on the Buzzards Wrestling Podcast (h/t SportsKeeda). "New owners and a whole new direction and just a completely different work attitude in my opinion, so it's like working for a different company. You get to do the same things that you love, be in the business that you love, doing what you love to do and that makes it fun. I've never had to actually have a real job in my entire life."

Impact has survived every time it's looked as though the end was inevitable. Prichard was there during the end of the company's run on Spike, before their television clearance took a nosedive with the move to Destination America in 2015. When asked if Impact Wrestling's troubles are behind them, Prichard commented, "I think that the big troubles are definitely eliminated and that with the new regime, I think they have an actual shot of making it, and I think with the team behind everybody and the talent that they've got; they've got a lot of great talent there, I think the possibility is a very real one."

"For the fans, it's important to have a choice, and it's important to have variety and allow them to choose what style they want and do you know what? They may like them both," said Prichard. "But they may favor one over another, but more importantly for the people that work in the industry, it gives more opportunity for them to do what they love to do."

Prior to coming to Impact, Bruce Prichard spent 22 years with WWE as a manager and producer. Prichard, as Brother Love, is known for being the first manager of The Undertaker.

"You never say never," said Prichard when asked if he would ever go back to WWE. "If you were to ask me that question today, I would say probably not, but you never say never in this business. I probably would've even said 'I would never be back in TNA' if you'd have asked me that question a year ago, so things change and what's good today is bad tomorrow and vice versa, so you just never really know and go with the flow and be able to adapt."

Prichard now hosts a podcast called "Something to Wrestle With" on MLW Radio. You can read more quotes from his interview with the Buzzards Wrestling Podcast by clicking here.

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