Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Recently on Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, Mr. Brandi Rhodes, Cody, appeared on the show and weighed in on a number of pro wrestling topics including Impact Wrestling, whether Impact or ROH has greater growth potential, and what it would take to sign him to an exclusive deal.

On the subject of Impact Wrestling, Rhodes said it is a fun show, though he mainly did his own thing and did not take responsibility for the rest of the show. The GFW NEX*GEN Champion indicated that he currently has no more dates left with Impact.  

"When it comes to Impact, I usually stick to myself as far as I just try to bring what I do everywhere just to the Impact scene. It is hard to get on board with set, 'this time, this reboot is better than the last reboot'. When I met Dixie Carter, I loved Dixie Carter! When I met Billy [Corgan], I loved Billy! When I met Jeff [Jarrett], I love Jeff. But only so many times can you hear, 'now we're marching on everybody. So I'm just like, 'hey, it's a fun show, it's on Pop TV, and I just try to be a part of that.' I currently have no more dates with TNA/Impact Wrestling. Currently, I have no more dates left."

When asked whether Impact or ROH has greater growth potential, Rhodes reluctantly named the latter. The ROH World Champion suggested that ROH's partnership with NJPW and its contracted talents put it over the top.

"To be fair, the partnership between Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling also makes that kind of an easy answer. ROH has always grown, just in the time that I've been there, but in the few years preceding me coming has grown at the absolute right level. They've never tried to be bigger, but at this point now with exclusivity deals with the Young Bucks and the in-house talent that Ring Of Honor has, not bringing people in random on a flyby, I would say, and to be fair, Ring Of Honor has the better chance [of growth] and they're doing it."

Finally, Rhodes claimed that he would have to be paid a lot of money to go on an exclusive deal. 

"I think we're going to find kind of a new groove this year. And I think a lot of people are kind of aware of what's going on and the direction [in which] we might be heading. I think a lot of people are aware of it. You mentioned the New Japan U.S. Championship. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff like that. And we'll see where it goes. It would take a lot of money to put me on an exclusive thing, not because I want the money, but because I don't want to be exclusive; however, you never know."

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