Alberto El Patron Says WWE Is "Full Of Losers," Rips "F---ing" Sports Entertainment

As noted, Alberto El Patron won the GFW / Impact Championship Unification match against Bobby Lashley at last night's Slammiversary XV pay-per-view in Orlando, Florida.

After the match, El Patron cut a promo to the crowd, many who were chanting "you don't deserve it." El Patron talked about how he and Lashley battled for over 30 minutes and that he would shake Bobby Lashley's hand for "every day of his life." El Patron called himself a "bad ass mother f–ker," and noted that he wrestled everywhere, "even that f–king company, WWE!" El Patron added that WWE was "full of losers."

"You gave me the battle of my life," El Patron said. "And for that, and for these fans – the real fans – let's do it again. Not for you, not for me, for the [inaudible] of pro wrestling, because we're not f–king sports entertainers! Bobby Lashley and every single wrestler at Impact Wrestling... in this place, we are not sports entertainers, we are f–king wrestlers!"

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