Over the past few months, Alberto El Patron has gone on a number of rants about the WWE (which can be seen here, here, here, here, and here). This is an example of one of them:

"Everybody knows the way I feel about that company...Everybody knows the way I feel about those pu--ies from WWE, and I'm gonna say it again. Those pu--ies from the WWE, especially, the one with the big nose. So, I said it again and I'm going to put it on the site, because [Laughs] I don't care anymore."

This coming Tuesday, WWE SmackDown will be in San Antonio, Texas and that did not get past Alberto, who has a restaurant in San Antonio. Alberto lashed out at the WWE, Triple H, and those involved in the recent rap battle, which included a reference towards Paige's private leaked video that was mentioned by The Usos. The line was: "Let's just keep it 'PG,' you know what's good. Don't get all 'Rated-R,' like ya boy Xavier Woods."

Earlier today, via his Instagram, Alberto El Patron wrote:

"Tuesday next week a bunch of p------ will be there in San Antonio. The man with the big nose and no balls, but also the p------ from the rap battle will be too. Also with no balls. Like their boss. All yes men.
I'll be in my restaurant. Starting at 10pm.
I'll be waiting for you there.
17776 Blanco Road.
La Cantinita.
And after I beat the s--- out of you. I'll be you a drink. [Thumbs Up/Wink emojis] Just because I'm a good man."

Alberto El Patron was released by the WWE in September of last year. More recently, he defeated Bobby Lashley at Slammiversary XV to unify the GFW/Impact World Championships.

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