Matt Morgan discussed the WWE release of Austin Aries on last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast. Not only did Morgan give his thoughts but he provided some insight into what happened.

"He's a very short wrestler, okay, who fights for everything he's ever gotten," said Morgan. owner Raj Giri asked Morgan to describe how Aries is backstage.

"I never saw him as arrogant. I never saw him as this heat seeker that people think he is," Morgan explained. "I just saw a guy that has been dicked around an awful lot. And when you're not seven-feet tall, you're not a big guy, you know, unfortunately you do got to fight for everything you get. Especially when you're that talented."

Matt Morgan, like thousands of WWE fans, felt Austin Aries was miscast as a member of the cruiserweight division and felt he had the potential to be a main event talent on RAW or SmackDown.

"We said from day one that that dude should have not be in that damn division," said Morgan. "Everyone said that. The fans were saying that, you know, in these arenas. When they're chanting his name it's not like we like him in the frequent cruiserweight division WWE. It's we want to see him in the main show against other talents. That's why they're chanting his name. They're not excited to see him in the purple ropes. They're not excited to see him do stupid grab-ass skits with Jack Gallagher. They want to see him in serious situations with real talent. And that's their loss."

Morgan, who worked for WWE and Impact Wrestling during his career, praised Aries for being a diverse talent.

"He was a jack of all trades, he could do everything.

"I feel he's a main event talent in every sense of the word," Morgan continued. "He can hang with anybody on the mic and he can surpass most in the ring. So it's their loss, it really is. And what I had heard -- I'm not going to say it's from him -- but what I had heard was he did everything he could to get his release."

Matt explained that Aries wanted to know what he had to do to get on the main show and had even pitched storylines and ideas for his character to WWE. Morgan chalked it up to WWE stifling yet another rising star that had the potential to be a bonafide main event talent.

"They stifled yet another star studded talent and it's a damn shame," Morgan said. "In a day and age where they're begging for young guys to step up, you had one right there. You had a bonafide main eventer."

Morgan also discussed where Aries might end up and more. You can listen to Morgan's comments on Aries from last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast beginning at the 39-minute mark in the video embedded above.

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