Diamond Dallas Page Responds To Vader Taking Shots At Him Online

We reported back in January that WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was helping former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Leon White, a.k.a. Vader, with his health issues with his DDP YOGA program. Despite doing some work together this year, Vader took to Twitter to blast Page.

Vader said that he had to wrestle to pay his hospital bills and that he was turned away from Page for not quitting the business.

I spoke to Dallas on Monday, who said that he had asked Vader to move to Atlanta and get his own place so he and his team could help work with him at Page's Performance Center. Vader had worked with Dallas at the Performance Center earlier this year. Dallas wanted Vader to understand that he was 61 years old and he needed time to heal. Dallas said that he explained to him it would be next to impossible for the program to be effective if continued to wrestle and do Vader Bombs.

"I can't heal you with the program if you're constantly continuing to beat up your body wrestling, the program wouldn't have helped Jake [Roberts] or anyone else," Page said. "I worked with Leon and he's really beat up from all the years of football and wrestling. My initials aren't JC, they're DDP. Everyone at any age needs time to heal, especially at 61, that's just common sense. Anybody who knows me at all knows I would never turn anyone down to work with them at my PC, especially one of the boys. Leon just needs to return my call."

In an interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling this past March, Vader discussed being approached by Dallas and using DDP YOGA.

"He [Dallas] reached out to me and made his home and his knowledge of diet and his knowledge of this DDP Yoga available to me as a format to lose weight," Vader said in March. "It has become very important to me. I was about 400 pounds when I got the diagnosis of the congestive heart failure and since that time with DDP's help with not just how much you heat but the quality of food and there is just some real simplistic lessons to learn and I would really advise everyone to figure out exactly what you are buying at the store because it is not really quality food.

"I feel very fortunate to have a friend like Dallas. I couldn't endorse his product more because the product of DDP Yoga is (WOW) off the charts. I've been working out since I was 7 or 8 years old and there is really nothing that compares to it. It is stretching, it builds muscle and really does a lot for you. Not to mention if you are dieting it can really be a tool to lose weight."

Vader, who once said that doctors told him that he had two years to live before another doctor reportedly said that it might not be the case, wrote on Twitter on Monday morning that he was dying and no "no one gives a sh-t." Dallas noted that he was still there to help Vader and work with him, but the program won't take if he's still wrestling.