Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

On episode 142 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, professional broadcaster and sports entertainment enthusiast Sam Roberts spoke with WWE United States Champion AJ Styles. During the conversation, Styles talked about WWE's Southpaw Regional Wrestling and divulged that he will be appearing on the second season of the parody show.

According to Styles, he recently did some work on Southpaw Regional Wrestling and it is one of 'The Phenomenal One''s most favorite things he has done in WWE.

"I just did something recently that is on the top of my list of very funny things, Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Oh my God…"

Styles insinuated that he portrays a car salesman from Louisiana called Malibu Al on an upcoming season of SRW.

"I don't know if you know about Southpaw, of course, but they've got a new sponsor for the next season, so… He's a big sponsor. He's the biggest sponsor they've got."

Styles continued, "he's a car salesman. Yeah, big sponsor in Louisiana. He does [have a name], he does have a name. Are you sure you want me to spoil it right now? You want the name of the guy? Okay. Malibu Al. Yeah, it's going to continue to run, man. It's going to be a great new season."

When asked whether Styles has ever visited Malibu Al's lot in Louisiana, 'The Champ That Runs The Camp' responded in the negative.

"No, no, no, no, no… The Car Emporium? No, I've never been there. It's in Louisiana. Yeah, it's not my neck of the woods. This is 1986? What I hear, he's a pretty good looking guy. They have a stud from what I hear."

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