- Above, Sasha Banks and Charlotte talked to WWE about having their own Mattel fashion dolls and the importance of them to their fans.

- Kurt Angle did a Q&A with fans on his Facebook and was asked about his opinion on WWE releasing Austin Aries. Kurt responded:

"I'm sure that neither side was happy. Austin is a very, very talented wrestler. Love his style."

Angle's big reveal happened this past week on Raw and it ended up being Jason Jordan was his illegitimate son. During the segment, Angle broke down crying as he embraced Jordan. A fan asked about how he got into the mindset of playing the part so well:

"I thought to myself what it would be like to see my son Kody for the first time ever, and didn't know it for 20 years. I thought if it were real, how would I feel?"

- James Ellsworth was headed to a wedding today and cracked a joke about sliding in and catching the bouquet, "Since I like doing that sorta thing." This, of course, is in reference to him climbing the ladder during the Women's MITB Ladder Match, getting the MITB case himself, and dropping it to Carmella. The negative response from fans was so loud that WWE re-did the MITB Ladder Match on SmackDown, which Carmella won again, this time getting the case, herself.

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