Flag Match: Rusev vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out first comes Rusev with the Bulgarian flag as Hamilton goes over the rules for the match. Tom introduces the other international announce teams in the arena tonight. The referee takes the flag and a crew member places it onto the pole in the corner. We wait as fans start with the dueling chants for John Cena. The music hits and out comes Cena with the American Flag to a loud reaction.

The bell rings and Rusev makes an early grab for the flag. Back and forth to start. Rusev drops Cena and goes for his flag but Cena nails a bulldog from the corner. Cena goes for his flag but Rusev comes from behind and hits an Electric Chair drop. Rusev beats Cena around for a few more minutes and talks trash. Rusev tosses Cena to the mat and goes for the Bulgarian flag but Cena comes from behind. Rusev sends him down. Cena fights back at Rusev. Rusev fights back and drops Cena with a big DDT.

There are two steel steps on the stage, each painted the colors of the respective flags. This is the finish line that the flags have to be brought to. Cena finally makes a comeback and hits the shoulder. Cena nails a Five Knuckle Shuffle and readies for the Attitude Adjustment. Rusev counters and plants Cena with a spinebuster. Rusev tosses Cena out of the ring.

Rusev climbs for his flag but Cena meets him on the pole. They fight but Cena sends Rusev to the mat. Cena goes for the top rope leg drop but Rusev catches him and almost hits a whole powerbomb. Rusev climbs back for his flag and takes it off the post. He must take it to the finish line near the stage now. Rusev comes down from the top and Cena dropkicks him. Rusev drops the flag. Cena ends up catching Rusev with the AA. Cena goes for his flag but Rusev comes from behind with a powerbomb attempt but Cena turns it around. Cena gets Rusev in the STF now. Rusev taps but there are no submissions in this match.

Rusev appears to be out as Cena breaks the hold. Cena climbs up for the American flag now. Cena unhooks the flag and brings it down. Cena turns around to a dropkick from Rusev and they both go down again. Rusev has the Bulgarian flag now. Rusev starts going for the finish line but Cena leaps off the apron with an axe handle and takes him down on the floor. Cena whips Rusev into the steel steps. Cena rolls back into the ring and grabs the American flag. Cena leaves the ring for the finish line now.

Rusev comes from behind and clubs Cena. Cena drops the flag on the ramp and Rusev beats him back down at ringside. Cena crawls up the ramp for the flag but Rusev puts him back down. Rusev raises the Bulgarian flag to boos. Rusev walks for the finish line but Cena grabs his leg. Rusev puts the flag down and goes to work on Cena but Cena fights back. They're up by the finish line now. Cena sends Rusev into an LED board face first. Cena runs and jumps off his part of the finish line but Rusev catches him. Rusev with a big fall-away slam on the steel.

Fans do dueling chants as Rusev gets up. Rusev brings a table over to the two finish line podiums. Fans chant ECW now. Rusev brings another table over to the finish line now. Cena has crawled over to the same area. Rusev stacks one table on top of the other in front of the American podium. Rusev climbs onto the podium and brings Cena up, talking trash to his face. Rusev scoops Cena for an AA but Cena pushes Rusev off the podium. Cena walks down the ramp and grabs the American flag but Rusev meets him and they fight. They both drop each other and go down at the same time.

Cena grabs the American flag and is the closest to winning. Cena crawls with the flag. Rusev is slow to get moving. Rusev grabs the flag stand and decks Cena with it. Rusev stomps on Cena's back and applies The Accolade between the two podiums. Rusev breaks the hold and walks towards the Bulgarian flag as fans boo. Rusev grabs his flag and raises it as the boos continue. Rusev heads for the podium and stands on top but Cena blocks him from putting it in the stand. They struggle on top of the podium. Cena scoops Rusev for an AA but Rusev fights out. They go back down to the floor and Rusev drops Cena with a superkick. Rusev stomps on Cena's back and applies The Accolade again but Cena immediately powers up with Rusev on his back. Cena walks up the American podium and puts Rusev through the two stacked table with an AA.

Cena walks back down and grabs the American flag, returning to his podium with the flag in the air. Cena places the flag in the stand and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena stands tall next to the American flag as his music hits. We go to replays with Rusev down on what's left of the two tables. Cena salutes the flag and heads to the back. We see Rusev still down as the camera focuses on the American flag one more time.

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