- Above, Nikki Bella did another round of Q&As with her fans on the Bella Twins YouTube channel. One fan asks about women headlining WrestleMania, which Nikki thinks they can do now. With the currently rosters, she picked Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks as a headline match. She also said:

"For me, it's not even about male or female, what's the best story? What's the best story that's drawn me in and I'm like 'I have to see that.' One thing I'd like to see a lot more from the women's division is more single storylines. I think for awhile we do everything so much as a group. But I know when I was there I really had it out with Carmella, and then I had it out with Natalya, and then John and I had it out with Miz and Maryse. I want to see more of those passionate storylines with women, I want to see like, who's Bayley have beef with? Or who does Charlotte or Becky individually have beef with, or Naomi, and I want those kind of stories. For me, whatever the best storyline is that's what should headline WrestleMania, it shouldn't be about male or female."

- Raw will be in Toronto, Canada on August 8 and the Air Canada Center announced Brock Lesnar has been added to the show. Here is his updated schedule for the next few weeks:

* WWE Monday Night RAW: July 31st (Pittsburgh, PA)
* WWE Monday Night RAW: August 8th (Toronto, Canada)
* WWE SmackDown live event: August 12th (Tampa, FL)
* WWE Monday Night RAW: August 17th (Boston, MA)
* WWE SummerSlam: August 20th (Brooklyn, NY)
* WWE Monday Night RAW: August 28th in Memphis, TN

- Kane continues his mayoral run in Knox County, Tennessee and showed off what he's been riding around as he talks with the people.

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