- Above, WWE just posted Daniel Bryan's Entrance Video and in the description wrote: "Check out Daniel Bryan's entrance video. WWE.com is your home for all your favorite WWE Superstar entrance videos." In June, Bryan did an interview where he said he's "working on it" in a response to coming back to the ring, although he has not been cleared by WWE for in-ring action. Bryan, who hasn't wrestled since since 2015, retired from in-ring competition in February 2016 due to medical reasons. Bryan's retirement was due to an EEG reflex test that revealed a lesion in his brain's temporoparietal region. The lesion is believed to be responsible for seizures Bryan suffered after concussions that he hid from WWE.

- WWE's latest poll asks fans: "Can Shane McMahon be a fair referee at SummerSlam in the United States Championship Match?" Fans voted 71% "Yes," that he could set aside his history with AJ Styles and Kevin Owens to be an impartial referee. Shane was added to the equation after Kevin Owens demanded he get a better referee.

- Kevin Owens commented on John Cena getting suplexed on his neck last night against Shinsuke Nakamura noting that Cena just revealed he's going to be an "actual transformer." Owens will be facing AJ Styles for the US Championship at SummerSlam.

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