Alberto El Patron GFW Suspension Update

GFW World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron and Paige appeared on Busted Open this afternoon to discuss their dispute at the Orlando airport last month. During the interview, El Patron discussed his suspension from GFW and said that he "is going to work soon."

El Patron noted that a date has been set for his return. He will not be working this weekend's GFW live events on the east coast, but he said that he'll "be back soon." GFW will hold their next set of television tapings from August 17-20 in Orlando.

GFW suspended El Patron on July 12th, days after news of El Patron's domestic dispute with Paige went public. El Patron has remained the central focus of current GFW programming, which was taped before the incident.

I asked GFW Creative Consultant Dutch Mantel in late July if El Patron was still suspended after El Patron was cleared of being a suspect in the incident. Mantel said that El Patron is still currently on suspension while the company continues their own internal investigation.

"We're doing an internal review of it because it's something we don't take lightly," Mantel said. "When that's completed, we will release our findings."

We will have more from the interview soon.