- Above, Nikki Bella does another Q&A with her fans about which WWE Stars she would invite to her wedding (John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan, and even Vince McMahon) and if there should be women's tag titles in the WWE. Nikki responded:

"Being in a former tag team, I definitely think there should be a tag team [title], plus you get more women involved. ...I think it would be cool to have the tag team titles on Raw since it's a three hour show - and SmackDown being two hours - there has to be time for it."

- WWE spoke with former Tough Enough Winner, Matt Cappotelli, on his second battle with brain cancer. Cappotelli was asked about the support he's received on social media and through his GoFundMe campaign:

"It's huge, because there's times where it's not easy. It's not easy to say "I'm going to fight this," and stand up and battle. You get worn down, especially with this being the second time around. To have people supporting you takes the weight off your shoulders. To know that there's that many people, especially my family and friends, but even the wrestling community that hasn't seen me in 10 years. Just because of the exposure I got from Tough Enough and [Ohio Valley Wrestling], they got to know a little bit about me, and they didn't forget. That means so much."

- On this week's SmackDown, John Cena referred to a sign out in the crowd that said "Baron Corbin is a dumpster fire." To Corbin, Cena said: "You a skinny, fat, loud-mouthed overrated dumpster fire." The two will meet at SummerSlam and on Instagram, Cena reiterated this point through a photo:

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