- Above, WWE looked at the 30 greatest SummerSlam moments. The group included: Shane McMahon diving off the top rope through the announcer table, Nikki Bella turning on Brie, Brock Lesnar destroying John Cena, and Undertaker vs. Undertaker, among others.

- WWE is teaming up with Foot Locker and Puma to release the SummerSlam Capsule Collection featuring a new sneaker and t-shirt for the upcoming PPV. One of the styles is dedicated to Ric Flair, who will be appearing on August 19 at Foot Locker in Times Square from 2pm-4pm. Below, Peter Rosenberg and Ric Flair hype the upcoming appearance.

- WWE Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss' birthday was a few days ago and got a surprise from Nia Jax, R-Truth, and Mike Rome. The group surprised and chased after her, spraying Alexa with silly string (then putting a tiara on her head) as fans outside of the arena sang "Happy Birthday." Alexa will be facing either Sasha Banks or Nia Jax (depending on who wins this Monday) at SummerSlam.

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