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Tonight's episode sees NXT Champion Bobby Roode's recent adversaries go head-to-head as Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong go at it inside the squared circle. We'll also see all the other final hype for Saturday's NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III show, which Wrestling Inc. will have full coverage for beginning at 7:00PM ET.

- Mauro Ranallo and crew welcome us to the show and runs down tonight's card.

- Contract signing for the NXT Women's Championship match with Ember Moon and Asuka. Mr. Regal presides over the signatures. Both ladies looking nice in their dress clothes. Ember touts Asuka's run and includes the the champ breaking Goldberg's undefeated streak. This leads the crowd to begin a Goldberg chant and drum beat, which was semi-impressive. And as impressive as Asuka's streak has been, Ember says she's only taken short cuts with one person...her. She had to push a ref to beat her before and attacked her later on, leading to last injury. Ember says Asuka made the biggest mistake of her life and she'll end Asuka's reign. As they both sign the contract, Asuka goes on a mini-tirade in Japanese. They have a stare-off with no physical confrontation to end the segment.

- Back from break and Mr. Regal telling a great little story. Lars Sullivan comes in and begs for another tag team match, and says he won't destroy his partner if they lose, which is a pretty fun gimmick.

Street Profits (Ford/Dawkins) vs. Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

The Street Profits are OVER, and Silvio's career may soon be over if he takes the pin. Sullivan tries to get the match started, but Silvio runs in and gets a stiff shot from Dawkins. Ford runs through the crowd in hysteria. Tag made to Ford, who flips his way in to join Dawkins for some tandem offense. Silvio just a fingertip away, but no tag. Ford sends a shot to Sullivan, who doesn't budge. Ford smartly decides to not go for a confrontation. Tag made by SP. Power bomb and frog splash combo get the job done for the Street Profits with Sullivan never getting into the match.

Winners via Pinfall: Street Profits

- After the match, SP heads for higher ground. Lars stares his fallen partner down. Rather than a complete beat down, Lars shows a bit of compassion and carries his partner's limp body to the back. The compassion doesn't last long, as Sullivan takes Silvio outside the building for the beat down and throws him into a garbage bin. Technically within Mr. Regal's rules.

Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce) vs. Ruby Riot

Of course this match was spawned by a backstage video of the Iconic Duo ragging on eccentric Riot's looks...as all good feuds should begin. Nice response for Riot, who uses a variety of roll-ups, excluding fruit, to begin the match for a series of near falls. Riot mocks the iconic duo's little dance, and it's on from there. Big discus clothesline from the taller Kay, but Riot fights back with a few strikes. Straight leg stunner from Kay for a unique bit of offense. Nice take over from Kay into an upper body submission, which Riot fights out of. Royce rooting her partner on as the crowd gets behind Riot. Riot's educated feet showing their diploma with a string of kicks. Kay goes for a corner attack, but Riot catches her with her knees and sends her face first into the turnbuckle. Upside down kick of sorts connects for Riot and gets the win over Kay.

Winner via Pinfall: Ruby Riot

- After the match, Royce grabs the mic and continues to run down Riot's looks and it appears this feud is not over.

- Announce team runs down the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III card.

- Vignette for the tag team titles, featuring Paul Ellering and Authors of Pain, as well as their challengers, SAnitY.

Roderick Strong vs. Drew McIntyre

Crowd relatively reserved for this match. McIntyre with the sizable size advantage. Strong hurdles a whip attack and delivers a leg lariat. Went to the well again too early as McIntyre stops it in it's tracks the second time and McIntyre with an impressive suplex. Roddy back on the offensive, sending Drew outside, where they both go strike for strike. Roddy charges in, but Drew pops him up into the steel post. Referee with the slowest ten count of all time as they're both still outside. Roddy back in, enziguri on the apron, then drops McIntyre back first onto the "hardest part of the ring." Strong rolls back in as we go to break.

We're back and the back and forth is still going. Strong with the minor upper hand with a slightly disheveled abdominal stretch. McIntyre works his way up, but then Roddy throws several haymakers. McIntyre now down in the corner as Roddy looks to finish the job. Several more kicks and stomps from the messiah of the...back breaker. Drew selling his behind off for Strong as he gets locked into another upper body submission. Drew fights out again and a huge clothesline creates space. Kick to the midsection then head from Strong, runs the ropes, but promptly gets thrown by a belly-to-belly by McIntyre. We've reached the battle of wills in the middle of the ring portion of the match, which McIntyre gets the best of. McIntyre heads up top for an ax handle. Reverse Alabama Slam by McIntyre, which looked amazing, leads to a pin and a long two. Drew strikes up the band for the Claymoore, but Strong ready with a jumping knee counter. The back breaker specialist finally lands one to even the odds. Another knee strike from Strong, then heads up top, but a huge head butt sends Strong crumbling. Both men caught up in the ropes, Drew caught up in the Tree of Woe. None other than the NXT Champion Bobby Roode runs down the ramp to take out both men, and does so quite giddily.

Result: No Contest--Interference

- Roode gloats as McIntyre tries to will himself up. Roode hits the Glorious DDT and leaves his challenger laying. He blows a kiss to Strong for good measure as the crowd chants "you suck" at the glorious one. We get one good GLORIOUS from Roode as he stands tall to end the episode. Side note; security was slightly slow in protecting the main event.

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