Triple H Talks Vince McMahon Wanting To Move Some NXT Talent Early, How He Responds

Triple H talked about the collective effort between himself and Vince McMahon in developing WWE talent down in NXT during a media conference call on Wednesday.

In it, Hunter explained Vince gets excited about a certain talent and they have to work strategically to make sure that person is ready and has all of the tools to succeed on the main roster.

"I think there's excitement, there's a lot of talent that [Vince] will say on an occasional basis, 'Where are you at with this particular person? When do I get them?' You know what I mean? It's my job to then creatively work with the team both main roster and my own team to say when is the right strategic time to put the person into the right place that they need to go to so they have the best opportunity in front of them and to make sure they're ready," said Hunter.

Triple H knows there are people who will become fans of a particular talent and believe they're more than ready to be called up from NXT but they're not seeing things how the company sees them.

"And it's funny because sometimes I'll see people think or say, 'Oh my God, this person has been so ready for so long.' They don't know the things that they're missing that we can see from our side of it to say, 'I need you another three months and this is what I really need you to focus on. I don't want you to fail on this one piece whenever you get up there, whatever that is.' "

"There's a lot of components that go into this and yeah, we have those conversations. And [Vince] gives me the opinion and the stuff and listens to my opinions," said Triple H. "Sometimes there's stuff he sees on the shows."

Triple H then explained how Vince will see a talent on NXT, get excited about them and want to utilize them immediately on the main roster.

"Talking about doing something right away with this guy and I'm like, hold on, we're really protecting that person on TV that's our job, right? We're really protecting what they do to make them succeed where they are but give them that opportunity at the same point and time to continue to grow so they have that opportunity to do that on down the line. And to protect them. So [Vince] relies on us heavily as well to say, 'This is where they're at in the process, they need more time to bake, they need more time to do this.'"

"I want it to be the best it can possibly be," said Triple H. "Not only for the roster, for RAW, whatever that is. But I want it to be the best for any of these talents. I want them all to succeed at the biggest level they can. Granted, they're not all going to do that. They all can't be the main event at WrestleMania but I want them all to have the opportunity when they move up to the roster because whatever it is, whatever the opportunity is, whether it's big or small, as long as we give them the tools to do that then whatever's going to happen, is going to happen."

Triple H's media conference call was an effort to promote NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, which is Saturday from the Barclays Center. We'll have complete coverage here at

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