- Above, on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon wrote "Thank You" cards to people, including Triple H, for "Sounding less like a WWE Superstar and more like an extra strength hemorrhoid cream." Triple H's music hit, he appeared and put "Jimmy Fallon" through a table. He then plugged this Sunday's SummerSlam.

- Kurt Angle did a Q&A on his Facebook page and a fan asked about his thoughts on AJ Styles. Angle responded:

"AJ is the best today. He's the standard. He sets the bar very high. I had some of my best matches with AJ. Maybe one more?"

- Yesterday, Bayley attended the WWE 2K18 event and was sporting some tape on her injured shoulder. As noted, Bayley commented that the injury is a grade-two separated shoulder. She sustained the injury during a match against Nia Jax on Raw at the end of July and was scheduled to face Raw Women's Champion Alex Bliss at SummerSlam, but was taken off the card. Bliss will now face Sasha Banks at this Sunday's PPV.

2k18 VIP Party

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Snoop is my homie. Thanks for making me look cool Mom! @sashabankswwe

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