Source: The Sporting News

- The Sporting News recently spoke with Becky Lynch, who was promoting tonight's SummerSlam pay-per-view. During the interview, Becky discussed the women's revolution and how "it's in a bit of a static period."

"To be perfectly honest, right now it's in a bit of a bit of a static period, which is perfectly fine," Becky said. "We've come off stuff like two women's ladder matches, and Hell In A Cells, and we just need the storylines to constantly evolve. And of course me saying that might just be because I'm not really involved in one, but as great as all these matches are with the gimmicks and the tables and the cages and the ladders, they're all wonderful, but what we really need is a reason people are emotionally invested.

"Of course sometimes we're going to be highlighted a lot, and sometimes there's just programming we need to see more of the tag teams, we need to see more of A.J. Styles, or Kevin Owens and it all goes through waves," Lynch said. "Right now I feel like we're a little bit there, and maybe people feel like that too."

- Kevin Owens noted on Twitter that Adam Cole's NXT debut last night added on to his list of favorite WWE moments. Owens tweeted:

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