Former WWE Star Says Enzo Amore Already Has Backstage Heat At WWE 205 Live

Enzo Amore has been having problems in the locker room for months now, and his move to 205 Live hasn't changed that. During the WrestlingINC podcast last Wednesday, Shawn Daivari gave his thoughts on the situation.

Amore's antics, such as posing with celebrities at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight this past weekend, has rubbed many wrestlers the wrong way. It doesn't help that he is one of the worst in-ring performers on the roster. His move from Raw to 205 Live was a popular decision with fans, but it doesn't seem to have improved his status backstage.

"He's someone that, when it's all said and done, is gonna be inconsequential to that," Daivari said. "The guy's in a hot act, they split up the hot act, the partner gets injured and they're like, 'Well, what do we do with him? Let's put him here.' And then if it looks like it's not a good fit what are they gonna do next? Put him on SmackDown, probably."

Amore seems to be well on his way to a push to the top of 205 Live and a showdown with Cruiserweight Champion Neville. His standing with the company seems to have given him a sense of entitlement above the rest of the superstars.

"I think he's already ruffling feathers at 205 talking down to guys like, 'Well you know you really need to be doing it this way, there's no psychology to that, you're all flips and dips,'" Daivari said. "Everyone's like, 'You're the worst wrestler on the f—ing card. Even if it is too much flippy-dippy, you can't even do the flippy-dippy or the basic stuff!'"

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